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Interview with Addison Carl Tanner - Collection 613

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Collection 613

[May 10, 2017]

Tanner, Addison Carl 1932-2012

Interviews; 1950-1988

Audio Tape (0.004 cubic feet)

Brief Description: Interview with Tanner a missionary with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) in Tanzania and publisher of Christian literature. Tanner describes his mission work, the Tanzanian people, Christianity and animism, political situation in Tanzania, role of tribal chiefs, his conversion and call to mission work, changes in the Tanzanian church, and role of women in the African Inland Church.

Restrictions: None


Full name

Addison Carl Tanner


January 18, 1932

Death July 13, 2012




John and Irene (Goodfellow) Tanner



John (older brother)


Marital Status

Married Lillian Clark



Thomas, Rebecca, Dan, Paul, Tim, Debbie


At age 18




Graduated from John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas (majored in printing and minored in Bible)



Philadelphia Bible Institute (now Philadelphia Biblical University)




Served with Africa Inland Mission in Mwanze, Tanganyika (now Tanzania) through the publishing of Christian literature. He was manager of Africa Inland Press.



Returned to the United States for the education of his children



Returned to Tanzania to continue the work he previously had done. Retired from AIM in 2000.

Other significant information


Tanner’s primary work was in developing the modern printing plant to serve the needs for Christian literature in Mwanza, Tanzania

Scope and Content

Addison Carl Tanner was interviewed by Robert Bruce Rummel on December 10, 1988, at Tanner’s home in Creve Coeur, Illinois. This interview was conducted as part of a Wheaton College class assignment. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1932-1988.

T1 (65 minutes). Describes his mission work, Mwanze (Tanzania), climate in Tanzania, characteristics of Tanzanians (laid back, people oriented, observant, don’t show anger, crave education), value of printed materials to Tanzanians, response of Tanzanians to the gospel, Christianity and animism, political situation in Tanzania before and after independence (1961), role of tribal chiefs (hold absolute control, owns all the land), Tanzania President Julius Nyerere, need for strong leadership in the Tanzanian church, recreational activities, conversion, call to mission work with Africa Inland Mission (AIM), John Brown University, requirements for joining AIM, transfer of AIM property to Africans, growth, leadership, and changes in the church, Tanzanian church music, role of women in the African Inland Church, future of the church, reflections on years in Africa


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Addison Carl Tanner and Robert Bruce Rummel in January 1989.

Accession: 89-6

March 8, 2005

Wayne D. Weber


Accession: 89-6

Type of Material: Audio Tapes

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65 min


Interview of Addison Carl Tanner by Robert Bruce Rummel

Dec. 10, 1988

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