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Papers of Geneva Grace Haller - Collection 610

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Collection 610
[May 9, 2005]
Haller, Geneva Grace; 1928-
Interviews; 1927-1988
Audio Tapes (0.01 cubic feet)

Brief Description: Oral history interview with Geneva Grace Haller, who was a missionary to the Congo, first as an independent, then with World Wide Mission. Haller describes growing up in Africa, being home schooled, orphanage work, problems caused by the independence of Congo, persecution of Congolese, her view of various Congo political leaders, condition of the Congolese church, relationship between the Joseph Mobutu government and missionary societies, Congo education, health care, and economic problems.

Restrictions: None


Full name

Geneva Grace Haller


January 3, 1928, Belgian Congo


Before 2005




Archie and Ellen Haller





Marital Status




Adopted African children: Gary, Ruth, Lydia



ca. 1933-1938

Home schooled by her father up to grade five when he died




Independent missionary to the Belgian Congo



Missionary involved in orphanage work with her mother in the Belgian Congo under World Wide Mission



Worked as a nurse in a hospital in Detroit, Michigan



Returns to the Belgian Congo with her mother

Other significant information


Grace’s parents were missionaries with Congo Inland Mission (1926-1927), Unevangelized Tribes Mission (UTM) in the Bambunda Province of the Belgian Congo (1927-1939), and then independent missionaries (1939-1960). Later Grace and her mother worked with World Wide Mission (1961-1987 )

Scope and Content

Geneva Grace Haller was interviewed by Dale Stanley Brewster on October 22, 1988, at the D & D Missionary Home in St. Petersburg, Florida. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1927-1988.

T1 (60 minutes). Family background, missionary work of her parents, conversion of Congolese, starting an orphanage, how Congolese support themselves, responsibilities and duties in the orphanage, Congolese forced to work in the copper mines and in the army, Congo independence and its effect on Belgians, missionaries, and the Congolese, impression on arriving in America for the first time, training of young people by rebels, terrorized by rebels, evacuation from village by government soldiers, persecution of the Congolese, conditions in Congo in 1988.

T2 (30 minutes). Growing up in Africa, home schooled by her father, lack of formal education, Haller’s views of Congo leaders (Patrice Lumumba, Joseph Kasavubu, Moise Tshombe, and Joseph Mobutu), economic problems of the Congo, relationship between the Mobutu government and missionary societies, Christian names of Congolese, education in Congo, condition of the church, health care.


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Geneva Grace Haller and Dale Stanley Brewster in January 1989.

Accession: 89-6
May 9, 2005
Wayne D. Weber


Accession: 89-6

Type of Material: Audio Tapes

The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

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60 min.


Interview of Geneva Grace Haller by Dale Stanley Brewster

Oct. 22, 1988




30 min.


Interview of Geneva Grace Haller by Dale Stanley Brewster

Oct. 22, 1988

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