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Papers of Felix Onwukanjo W. Erondu - Collection 564

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Collection 564                                                                                                      [March 12, 2008]
Erondu, Felix Onwukanjo W. ; 1945-
Papers; 1995, 1999
Audio recordings, photograph, videos (.12 cubic feet)

Restrictions: None

Brief Description. Oral history interviews of Rev. Erondu and videos of evangelistic services he led in Nigeria. In the interviews Erondu discussed his family background in Aba, Nigeria; upbringing in the Anglican church; education; training as a teacher; participation in the Biafran civil war; work as a teacher and principal; committing his life to Jesus Christ through his participation in the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship; the development of his faith and ministry; the origins of his organization, Traveling Light Ministries; his call to ministry; evangelistic work in rural and urban areas of southern Nigeria; influence of witchcraft; relations between Christians and Muslims; strengths and weaknesses of the church in Nigeria; comparison of Anglican and Pentecostal traditions in Nigeria; comparison of worship services in Nigeria and the United States.


Full name

 Felix Onwukanjo W. Erondu


May 19, 1945, in Ohanza Isiahia in the state of Aba in Nigeria




Jacob and Hanna Erondu


Marital Status

Married to Dorothy O., who was a nurse he met when he was wounded the Biafran civil war



 1 girl, 4 boys




November 23, 1996, ordained and licensed as a pastor by the Bishop of the Church of God Mission; ordained as a priest by the Anglican bishop of Aba on June 27, 2004




Ohanze Isiahia Primary School



Ngwa High School



Advanced Teachers College, Owerri, Nigeria. Graduated with a Diploma (NCE) in Education, after leaving the school for three years for the army



Left school to serve as an officer in Biafran army and was wounded in battle



Ahmandu Belle University, Zaria, Nigeria. Graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree.



Wheaton College Graduate School, United States. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Ministries.




Taught in several secondary schools in Imo and Kaduna states, Nigeria



Vice-Principal of St. Joseph’s Teachers Training College



Promoted to Secondary School Principal. Resigned to go into full-time Christian service.



After his conversion, had three spiritual experiences that confirmed his call to the ministry



Involved in a variety of ministries on a part-time basis, including the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Pilgrims Ministries International



Founded Traveling Light Ministries International, a mass evangelism ministry in Aba and neighboring rural communities. Affiliated with the Church of God Mission, International, the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria, and Harvestime International Network. Traveling Light also organized seminars and workshops for Christian workers.



Ministry expanded to include visits to orphanages and prisons



Founded Traveling Light Academy for nursery, primary and secondary education. Over 200 students by the start of 1999. The school eventually closed when the landlord sold the building the school had been renting.



Served as assistant pastor of the Hope Fellowship Church, Wheaton, Illinois, USA. Flew back to Nigeria in the fall, arriving on September 11.



Pastor of the Lighthouse Gospel Church, Ohanze Isiahia, Nigeria



Deputy rector of the St. Grace Anglican Girls Junior Seminary in Ogbor Hill, Nigeria



Returned to United States for a preaching tour



Rector of St Augustine’s Anglican Seminary in Nbawsi, Nigeria (a six-year boy’s school leading to a Senior High School Certificate); Archdeacon and curate of St. George Cathedral in Nbawsi




Other significant information


Author of Welcome Holy Spirit, Spiritual Warfare Advance Technique Manual, Open Visions, and Behold He Comes in a Cloud.


Served as vice president of the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship of Nigeria


Served as a member of the South Senatorial Advisory Forum and had leadership positions in a variety of humanitarian and voluntary organizations

Scope and Content

Rev. Erondu was interviewed by Bob Shuster in November 17 and 29, 1999, at the Billy Graham Center. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1960-1999.

T1 ( 76 minutes). His parents; the conversion of his grandfather and the Christian traditions of the family; the lack of evangelical content in Anglican services during his youth; faith of his father and mother; interest in politics and education as a young man; Nigeria’s celebration of independence in 1960; Nnamdi Azikiwe; emphasis on education in family; his father’s multiple wives; the importance of his father in the community; thoughts about God as a young man; education as a teacher; privileged life at the Advanced Teachers College; spiritual struggles caused by the Biafran civil war; hardship in the aftermath of the war and continuing persecution of the Ibo people; marriage; nationalization of Christian schools and his distress at teaching in government schools; his service as an officer in the Biafran army; work as a teacher; attempts to find another vocation; exposure to the Muslim community at Ahmandu Bello University; satisfactions of teaching; his experiences as a principal; government control of schools; church affairs as a social obligation; family difficulties and personal discontents in the late 1980s; his wife’s illness and suggested animist remedies; attending in 1987 a meeting of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship and going forward with his wife at the alter call; the anointing of the Spirit of God; a new understanding of the Bible; his wife’s healing through prayer; giving his life to Jesus Christ; discomfort with the Anglican church he attended ; praying for revival; later developments in that church

T2 ( 36 minutes). Formation of the Evangelical Fellowship in Anglican Communion (EFAC) and its later dissolution; Pentecostal revival in the Anglican church; becoming a leader in the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship; reaction of his mother to his conversion; resentment toward Pentecostals; witnessing to his school staff and students; growing conviction that he should leave teaching and go into full-time ministry; the development of Traveling Light Ministries; selling Christian literature in Aba; description of his books and writings; struggles in supporting his ministry; starting a Bible college and expanding it to include primary and secondary students; slow growth of the school; teaching students to pray

T3 ( 76 minutes). Spiritual experiences that prepared for the ministry (a trance and a call to fasting, the result of that experience and its interpretation; the second coming of Jesus Christ; May 16, 1987 vision of Jesus and His condemnation of witchcraft in the land; June 1, 1987 - an opening of heaven); involvement in a variety of ministries; Rev. Francis Wale Oke; Erondu’s early preaching experiences; preparing for his first evangelistic campaign on November 20, l990, in Aba; praying; publicizing the campaign and talking with local pastors; prophesying about the electricity project in the town; response of the community to the campaign; format of the service; liberating the community from demonic forces; nondenominational character of Traveling Light Ministries; teaching converts about living a Christian life; the altar call as part of his preaching; counseling converts; ministry against witchcraft; involvement of young, educated church members involved in demon shrine worship; freeing those bound by witchcraft; opposition to his ministry in the spirit realm; expansion of his ministry; cordial leaving of the Anglican church to join the Pentecostal movement; development of his evangelistic meetings; replacing covenants with demonic forces with a covenant in the blood of Jesus Christ; healing of a mechanic possessed by demons and the aftermath; the healing of the stroke victim and the aftermath; the evangelistic campaign in Aba in 1994; speaking a word of faith during a period of corruption and despair; meetings in cities and in villages; idol worship in the city; growing influence of Christian ministry in the cities and turning to prayer

T4 ( 57 minutes). The expenses of city vs. rural campaigns; the market square in the village; Nigerian gospel music based on the West African musical genre known as highlife tunes; attendance at gospel meetings; preaching that today is the end times; Restoration theology; using television and radio to raise support for needy people in prison, hospitals, and orphanages; financial difficulties of the Traveling Light Ministries; tense relations between Christians and Muslims in Nigeria; Muslim opposition to Christian evangelism; religious liberty essential to the survival of the country; “the problems of the country has strengthened the church,” Nigerians do not tend to financially support churches; relations between Anglican and Pentecostal churches; celebration of the Lord’s Supper in Anglican and Pentecostal churches; comparison of worship services in Nigeria and the United States; the shift from British to American influence in Nigeria; the impact of American Pentecostal missionaries to Nigeria; Erondu’s concern over secularism, homosexuality, and the legality of abortion in the United States; the election of Olusegun Obasanjo, a Christian, as president and its meaning for Africa; Erondu’s hopes for his education at the Wheaton Graduate School; difficulty in getting a visa; Christians as one family.

The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Rev. Erondu in November 1999 and August 2001.

Accession: 99-71, 99-73, 01-51 
March 12, 2008
Bob Shuster

Accession: 99-71, 99-73
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

Item# - Reel or cassette, speed, length, number of sides, contents (title of session, participants) according to the program, date.










3 3/4



Oral history interview of Rev. Felix Erondu by Robert Shuster




3 3/4



Conclusion of T1




3 3/4



Oral history interview of Rev. Felix Erondu by Robert Shuster




3 3/4



Conclusion T3



Accession: 99-73
Type of material: Photographs
The following items are located in the PHOTO FILE; request by folder title (in bold) at the beginning of each entry below.

ERONDU, FELIX. 1 color. Snapshot of Rev. Felix Erondu taken during his oral history interview at the BGC Archives. 1999.


Type of material: Videos
Accession: 01-51
The Archives has one copy of each video, unless otherwise noted. The following items are in the Video FILE:

Type b&w / c Length in minutes Title Description Date





ABA City-Wide Holy Ghost Power Crusade ‘95

Television broadcast of an evangelistic service broadcast by Harvestime International Network. The service was held in the open space opposite the Unicoco Hotel on Park Road in Aba, in Abia state, Nigeria. The service was led by Rev. Felix Erondu, with other evangelists F. Okwey and C. Udegagha. After opening with some announcements and prayer, there was approximately half an hour of Gospel high-life music. Forty minutes into the tape, Rev. Erondu preached on Divine Intervention. After the sermon, he prayed with the congregation for breaking any covenants made by them or in their names with spirits and replacing it with a covenant with Jesus Christ. The service ended after three hours and the remaining time on the tape is taken with two episodes of the program “Helping the Helpless” on Channel 6 in Aba. Rev. Erondu and others talk about the needs of handicapped people in the community and invites community support.

Dec. 7-10, 1995





Jesus Power Operation “Ehere” Community Liberation

Television program broadcast produced by Traveling Light Ministries in cooperation with Ogbor-Hill Pentecostal movement. The program shows scenes from the evangelistic meetings held at Ehere, Nigeria, including music, celebration, sermons by Rev. Erondu, and an outdoor surrender ceremony in which the power of spirits over the community is renounced and it is surrendered to Jesus Christ. The program concludes with a program about the work of Traveling Light Ministries.

May 4-11, 1999

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