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Papers of Sarah Alice (Troyer) Young; 1894-1900

Brief description: Letters, diary and articles about the work in China of Sarah Alice, a worker with China Inland Mission. The materials in the collection document her preparation and her evangelism activites in Shanxi Province, China, where she worked from 1896 until 1900, when she and her husband John were killed during the Boxer Rebellion. Her papers contain many descriptions of missionary work, the lives and testimonies of individual Christians and Chinese society and culture.

Complete transcripts of all her letters and her diary are available on the World Wide Web, thanks to the her grandniece Carol Whiting, who transcribed them. Click here to go directly to the transcripts.

Table of Contents

Title Page and Restrictions


Scope and Content



Articles, Letters and Diary (each with transcripts)

Article about the Sarah Alice (Troyer) Young Collection in the September 1997 issue of Witness

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