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Brief Description:

Interviews with Joyce in which she describes her childhood and youth, conversion and spiritual development, call to missionary work, family, work in China with China Inland Mission, husband Raymond Joyce, the Communist period in China and CIM's expulsion from the country, co-workers Dr Jessie McDonald and Mabel Soltau, Pentecostalism, relations among missionaries, her role as a woman missionary, outreach to Muslims, their work in the Persian Gulf with TEAM and Bible and Medical Missions Fellowship (BMMF), and the education of her children.

Collection 535 [June 3, 2002]
Joyce, Mona; 1912 - 2000
Interviews; 1912- 1980s
Audio Tapes


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


Full name Catherine M. M. "Mona" (Miller) Joyce
Birth August 4, 1912, in Plains, Scotland
Death 2000
Parents Robert and ? Miller
Siblings Robert MacGregor Miller, a younger brother
Marital Status Married Raymond Hewlett Joyce, January 1939
Children Robert, Keith, Marjory
Conversion Age 17
ca. 1930 Glasgow and West of Scotland Commercial College
ca. 1930s Attended Bible school in London
ca. 1934 Applied to China Inland Mission
1936 Accepted by CIM
1941 Furlough in Canada and Britain
1946 Returned to China
1951 Left China as part of forced expulsion
1951-1955 Joined the Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) and on loan to Egypt General Mission
ca. 1962-1966 Worked in the Middle East (two years in an orphanage in Lebanon)
Other significant information
ca. 1920 When Mona was eight her mother died. Four years later her father remarried.
ca. 1950 Mona and Raymond established the North American office of the Fellowship of Faith for Muslims

Scope and Content:

Mona Joyce was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on August 15-16, 1996, at the office of the Billy Graham Center Archives. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1912-1980s.

T1 (80 minutes, click to link to audio recording and transcript).
Family background, death of mother, father's remarriage, character of her parents, Bible reading on Sunday afternoons, father's involvement in the Church of Scotland (was a deacon and Sunday school superintendent), steps leading up to her conversion, teaching Sunday school class, call to missionary work in China, attending Bible school in London, applying to CIM, hearing of the death of John and Betty Stam's, differences of life in China compared to Scotland, language school in Yangzhou, adjusting to Chinese culture, first assignment in Tsingsing, using the Chinese language, process for placing workers in various areas of China, importance of the call to missionary work, meeting her future husband, mail service in China, engaged by letter, impressions and character of Raymond (his call to China and to Muslims were paramount), engaged before she went to China for six or seven years, strong-willed father-in-law, Raymond stricken by typhoid in 1941, furlough in Canada and Britain, Raymond teaching in Jerusalem, returning to Yunnan Province in 1946 to work among Muslims, effects of Communism on the Chinese, treatment by the Communists

T2 (20 minutes) (Click to link to audio recoding and transcript).
Treatment of missionaries and Chinese by the Communist, Chinese church, trip across Asia, mailing Christian literature to Muslims before being forced out of China.

T3 (75 minutes) (Click to link to audio recording and transcript).
Co-worker Dr. Jessie McDonald, evacuation of hospital staff in Tali (new spelling, Dali) in Yunnan Province organized by Raymond Joyce and Dr. McDonald, dealing with the Communists, co-worker Mabel E. Soltau, Otto and Katharine (Dodd) Schoerner, Pentecostalism in the Chinese church and among missionaries, rejected by CIM to work in unreached Muslim areas, Egypt General Mission, establishing Fellowship of Faith for Muslims, Mona's role as a woman missionary, problem of giving Christmas gifts to children, joining TEAM (Lebanon) then later Bible and Medical Missionary Fellowship (now Interserve), reviewing photographs in photo album labeled "Photographs" [BGC Archives Accession 96-75, box 3], similarities of mission work in China and the Middle East, adapting to foreign cultures, Dr. Kennedy, living conditions in the Middle East, Sheik Zayyid, talking about photos in photograph album labeled "The Arabian Gulf," the Joyce children, visiting in villages, education of her son Keith, dealing with Muslims wanting to become Christians, reviewing photographs in photo album labeled "Persian Gulf, 1962-1966," Middle Eastern clothes.

T4 (20 minutes).
Continued description of photographs from photo album labeled "Persian Gulf, 1962-1966," a church built on Muslim land, driving a Land Rover, orphanage work in Lebanon, visiting a mental institute with orphanage children, Raymond's administrative skills, character, working with others, and his green book (outreach to Muslims).


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Mona Joyce in August 1996.

Accession: 96-73, 96-74
June 3, 2002
Wayne D. Weber

Accession: 96-73, 96-74
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

All of the tapes below are reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, one side only.

T# Length Contents Dates 
T1 80 min  Interview of Mona Joyce by Paul Ericksen. The interview continues on T2.  August 15, 1996 
T2 20 min  Continuation from T1 of the interview of Mona Joyce by Paul Ericksen.  August 15, 1996
T3 75 min  Interview of Mona Joyce by Paul Ericksen. The interview continues on T4.  August 16, 1996
T4 20 min  Continuation from T3 of the interview of Mona Joyce by Paul Ericksen.  August 16, 1996

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