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Interview with Catherine Elizabeth Jeter - Collection 533

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Brief Description.

Oral history interview in which Jeter discusses her childhood, conversion through a neighborhood Bible club, education, marriage to Joseph Jeter, the start of their ministry (Have Christ Will Travel Ministries), work with inner-city children of Philadelphia and summer camp ministry in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the 1961 Billy Graham crusade in Philadelphia.

Collection 533
[June 12, 2002]
Jeter, Catherine Elizabeth; 1931-
Interview; 1996
Audio Tapes

Restrictions None.


Full name Catherine Elizabeth Jeter (named after both her grandmothers)
Birth July 20, 1931
Parents Moses Goram and Eulla Williams
Siblings Sylvia, Moses Jr., Lois, Gilbert & Quintin (all younger that Catherine)
Marital Status Married Joseph Jeter, July 8, 1952
Children Six children: Diane Marie (oldest), Paul, Priscilla, Rhonda, Joseph
Conversion At about 11 years old
ca 1940s Germantown High School
19?? Practical Nursing School (graduates)
ca. 1964-1968 Philadelphia College of the Bible (graduates)
19?? Works six years at Sears and Roebucks, Co.
ca 1973 Works with Have Christ Will Travel Ministries

Scope and Content

Catherine Elizabeth Jeter was interviewed by Robert Shuster on June 7, 1996 at the Archives of the Billy Graham Center. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1931-1996. Static is heard periodically throughout the tape.

T1 (approximately 80 minutes). Description of parents, childhood, conversion, importance of attending church as a family, interest in the fine arts and school, helped support family as a young teenager during summers, education, meets future husband in junior high school, desires to become a nurse, spiritual life, bitter about not receiving a college scholarship, graduated from a practical nursing school, works at Sears and Roebucks, compares growing up in Philadelphia with the present, social activities, works as a practical nurse, joined a Baptist church and becomes involved in many church activities, importance of daily Bible reading, husbands involvement in the ministries of the church and his desire to become a minister, attended Philadelphia College of the Bible, taught vacation Bible school, role as a minister's wife, husbands entry into full time ministry, Short Terms Missionaries, Inc., holds vacation Bible schools with inner-city children of Philadelphia for the American Sunday School Union, prepares participants for short term missionaries, summer camp ministry (Bethel Bible Camp) in Nova Scotia, Canada, lack of pastors in the province.

T2 (approximately 18 minutes). Spiritual climate in Nova Scotia, goals for summer camps, camp activities, problems created by children's rights laws in Canada, camp staff, power of prayer, impressions of Billy Graham's 1961 Greater Philadelphia Crusade and it's effect, Have Christ Will Travel Ministries, things the Lord has taught her.


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Catherine E. Jeter in June 1996.

Accession 96-49
Wayne D. Weber
June 12, 2002

Accession: 96-49
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

Tapes below are all reel-to-reel, 3-3/4 ips, one side.

# Length Contents Dates 
 T1 80 min. Interview with Catherine E. Jeter by Robert Shuster June 7, 1996 
 T2 18 min. Interview with Catherine E. Jeter by Robert Shuster June 7, 1996

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