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Interview with Nancy Duarte-Gomez - Collection 521

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Collection 521 [June 18, 2008]
Duarte-Gomez, Nancy; 1961-
Interviews; 1995
Audio recordings (.1 cubic feet)

Restrictions: None.

Brief Description. Two oral history interviews with Duarte, a Chilean staffworker with Grupo Biblico Universitario de Chile (GBU, InterVarsity sister movement). Duarte describes her childhood and youth, education, religious background, conversion and spiritual development, the church in Chile, training with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), ministry among students, GBU and its connection to International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), the country's political climate and its impact on the church, the church's addressing social needs and issues (especially outreach and evangelism to prostitutes and poor students), liberation theology, cooperation among churches, comparisons between Chile's GBU and InterVarsity (US) movements, comparison of Chilean and American Evangelical churches, Wheaton’s psychology MA, her experience of American churches, Wheaton College Revival in 1995. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1961-1995.


Full name

Nancy de las Mercedes Duarte-Gomez


June 18, 1961, Talcahuano, Chile




Julio Duarte and Olga Gomez



Two brothers and five sisters, one other brother deceased before her birth


Marital Status



1978 while a sixteen-year-old high school student

Education / Training



Participated in YWAM’s first Discipleship Training School in Chile for five months



Universidad Austral de Chile, degree as a Teacher of the Handicapped, specializing in speech and hearing impairment.



Participated in IFES’s (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) one-month international training program in Quito, Ecuador.



Invited by Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Training to month-long women’s session of Third World leaders in Singapore



Attended London Institute for Contemporary Christianity for its three-month “Christian in the Modern World” course



Studied at Wheaton College Graduate School in the Clinical Psychology program, received MA



Fellow-in-training at Boston University’s Danielsen Institute, an “independent, licensed mental health clinic and accredited pastoral counseling center”



Studied at Wheaton College Graduate School in the Clinical Psychology program, received PsyD




Joined GBU (Grupo Biblico Universitario de Chile as an associate staff worker



Worked professionally in Concepcion with children who were deaf or had speech disorders, while simultaneously serving as a lay minister in her local Anglican church, working with teenagers and the GBU ministry



Served as GBU staff worker with university students throughout Chile



Established and was director of a service project with other young professionals to provide housing for students of poor families studying in Concepcion, develop Christian community and contribute to the growing GBU ministry in the city (this was not a GBU project)



After receiving her MA and PhD in Psychology at Wheaton, she became Chair of the Psychology Department at Universidad Santo Tomás, Concepción, Chile

Other significant information



Became involved in the Chilean IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students) movement – Grupo Biblico Universitario de Chile (GBU)



Served as director of a social project working with poor children (this was not a GBU project)

Scope and Content

Nancy Duarte was interviewed by Paul Ericksen on June 27 and 28, 1995, at the Archives office. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1961-1995.

T1 (73 minutes). Family background, nominal Catholic upbringing and emerging spiritual hunger, spiritual journey and conversion through friend’s influence, misperceptions of Evangelicals as lower class and uneducated, her conversion as entering a “new world,” joining a Baptist church despite siblings’ ridicule, sharing her faith with fellow-students and others, ministry to children, discipled by church elder and their visitation to elderly and sick, changes in lifestyle, conversions of parents and several siblings, education in Special Education for children with speech and hearing impairments, parents’ resistance to her missionary call, Youth With A Mission (YWAM) training program, full-time church work, studying at the university and viewing herself as a missionary there, restarting the IFES-affiliated GBU group in Valdivia, GBU’s history, philosophy of cooperating with local churches, relations with other campus groups, YWAM’s training philosophy, students from different backgrounds, Felicity Houghton’s role in starting GBU in 1964, successor Jose Fonseca, Chilean churches’ view of men and women in leadership, beginning work among prostitutes, joining GBU staff after graduation, working in a poor neighborhood, starting and directing a housing program for students from poor families, cooperative projects with churches

T2 (22 minutes). GBU cooperation with other churches and organizations, GBU’s reputation in the Evangelical community, student leadership, staff responsibilities and travel, Catholic churches’ perceptions of GBU work, minimal infrastructure and dependence on God, tent-making work in her profession to provide for her financial support rather than support-raising as in America, limitations on available time and energy, funding from students and graduates, social projects, government surveillance during the Pinochet dictatorship and deterioration of power, starting and directing housing project for poor students, students agreement to support those who follow them, value of creating Christian community while also providing housing, parents’ pride in her work despite earlier resistance

T3 (65 minutes). Ministry among seamen and prostitutes in Talcahuano with unidentified Korean missionary, collaborating with local Baptist church and professionals for evangelism to and services for their housing, financial, health, social needs and those of their children, the gospel’s answering the needs of people, impact of and GBU student’s involvement in project, liberation theology’s great impact on Chile (especially in opposition to the Pinochet dictatorship and serving the needs of people), strength of the unified and expansive Catholic Church, varying positions on addressing social issues, motivated by her relationship with God rather than just social concern, Rene Padilla’s influence, impact of Pinochet dictatorship and the Allende regime’s socialism, Chile’s need for reconciliation, resuming a democratic government in 1990, comparison with and collaboration among IFES groups in other Latin American countries, life as a GBU staffworker, few resources in Chile leads to resourcefulness, impression of IVCF US’s offices in Madison, her role as a tentmaker staffworker, comparison between Christianity in Chile and the US (like a business), goals for Wheaton Grad School psychology degree, her first experience at a Christian school

T4 (31 minutes). Lack of Evangelical training programs in Chile that provide secular credentials, education at Grad School opens the door to serve as a psychologist in the secular field, place of psychology in Christian thinking in Chile, personal benefits of the Grad School program, difficulty of the cultural experience and building relationships, disoriented and dislocated in process of seeking church involvement while at Wheaton, observations and impact of the Wheaton Revival –“the first time I feel like we [Wheaton students] are part of the same family,” similar revival in Chile, process of coming to Wheaton, studying with John Stott in London and the Haggai Institute in Singapore, Grad School experience



The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Nancy Duarte-Gomez in June 1995.

Accession: 95-106
June 18 , 2008
Paul Ericksen

Accession: 95-106
Type of Material: Audio Tapes

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Oral history interview of Nancy Duarte by Paul Ericksen







Continuation of interview on T1







Oral history interview of Nancy Duarte by Paul Ericksen







Continuation of interview on T3


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