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Interview with Geraldine Julia (Hinote) Phillips - Collection 502

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Collection 502 [September 7, 2007]
Phillips, Geraldine Julia (Hinote); 1913-2000
Interview; 1994
Audio tapes; .04 cubic feet

Brief Description. Oral history interview in which Phillips talks about her family background, Christian faith, education at BIOLA and Columbia Bible College, work at the Rehoboth Mission in Kentucky from 1934-1939, joining Sudan Interior Mission, travel to Africa in 1943, and the beginning of her work among the Dinka people in southern Sudan.

Restrictions: None

Full name Geraldine Julia (Hinote) Phillips
Birth January 19, 1913 in Laurel, Montana
Death January 24, 2000 in Carlsbad, California
Conversion Was a Christian from childhood, but did not have a settled sense of her salvation until 1930
Parents Oscar W. and Nelly (Ogren) Hinote
Siblings Rosalind and Genevieve
Marital Status Married to John E. Phillips ca. 1993
1930 Graduated Pomona High School, Pomona, California
1930-32 Attended and graduated from BIOLA (Bible Institute of Los Angeles)
1932-1933 Took medical missionary course at BIOLA
1938-1941 Graduated Columbia Bible College with a BA in Biblical Education
1948-1949 Attended Wheaton College during furlough for education courses
1934 Part of a gospel team in Arizona for six months
1934-1939 Missionary with Rehoboth Mountain Mission in Kentucky, teaching the Bible in schools
September 1941 Applied to be a missionary of Sudan Interior Mission and was accepted
1941-1943 Assisting at Rehoboth Mountain Mission and doing deputation work for Sudan Interior Mission
1943- 1963 Missionary with Sudan Interior Mission in the Sudan. Work with the Dinka people as a teacher at mission schools. She served at four different mission stations, including Malat (with at least one furlough to the United States in 1948.)
1963-1972 Served in Ethiopia as a teacher, first at Bingham Academy for missionary children, then among Muslims in the northern part of the country. Then for eight years she was a matron at the SIM Youth Center and Girls' Christian Hostel in Addis Abba. The hostel was for Christian girls attending school in the area.
Ca. 1972-1982 Returned to Sudan with the relief agency ACROSS (African Committee for the Rehabilitate Southern Sudan). Worked with the Dinka people until she caught hepatis. She recuperated in Kenya until she could return to the United States on furlough. After furlough, she returned to Addis Ababa and then returned to work among the Dinkas, training teachers and teaching literacy classes.
November1982 Retired in November and returned to the United States from southern Sudan
Other significant information
After her mother died when Geraldine was four, she and her sisters spent several years in California with her uncle and aunt, Charles and Flora Knowld (sp?) in Riverside, California until her father remarried when she was seven. The family moved to Pomona, California in 1924.

Scope and Content
Geraldine J. (Hinote) Phillips was interviewed by Bob Shuster on May 20, 1994, at her home in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The events described in the interview cover the time period 1915-ca. 1963.

T1 ( 63 minutes). Parent's background; mother's death when Geraldine was four; early memories; mother's devotion to missions; memories of her father; living with her aunt and uncle in California (Charles and Flora Knowld (?)) after her mother's death; more information on her father; Geraldine's interests as a child; stepmother Lillian Shafley - her involvement in missions to the Jews, Geraldine's relationship with her; her involvement in Bible clubs as a girl; recommitting her life to Christ after listening to evangelist Gypsy Smith at the age of seventeen; thoughts as a child about being a missionary; attending BIOLA; memories of life at BIOLA; Mabel Coulter (?); working to support her education during the Depression; devotions and studies at BIOLA; friends made at BIOLA; influence of BIOLA on her life; examples of the missionary courses at BIOLA; memories of Gypsy Smith preaching; Roland Bingham as a speaker; Aimee Semple McPherson as a speaker; social life at BIOLA; working with Mr. Hillis on a women's gospel team in Arizona for three months; description of the Bible classes they held and responses; acceptance as a woman Christian worker; joining the Rehoboth Mountain Mission; first impressions of the Kentucky mountain country

T2 ( 45 minutes). Faith basis of the mission and deputation work to raise support; attendance at Columbia Bible College and her call to be a missionary to Sudan; reminiscences about her years at Columbia, compared with BIOLA; Robert McQuilken as a teacher and preacher; G. Allen Fleece; contacts between faculty and students; more comparison of Columbia and BIOLA; more comments on the breadth of her education at Columbia; death of her parents; her application to Sudan Interior Mission; her sister Genevieve's work as a teacher in Hawaii; extended description of her candidate orientation with SIM; Roland Bingham; impact of the Zamzam incident on missionaries; Mary Beam and Betty Cridland; support of her family and friends in her mission work; putting together her kit for Sudan; comparison of the expectations for men missionaries and women missionaries; evangelism among African women; four-and-a-half months traveling to Sudan via neutral shipping; danger of Japanese submarines in the Indian Ocean; travel down the Nile to her station in southern Sudan; first impressions of the flatness of Sudan; other early memories of the people of Sudan; the cultural shock of the primitive living conditions in southern Sudan; Dinka language study at her first mission station; comments on the Dinka people; missions stations at which she served; characteristics of the Dinka language; Dinka attitudes toward spirits and existence; totems that they worship


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Geraldine J. Hinote Phillips in May 1994.

Accession: 94-51
August 5, 2003
Bob Shuster

Accession: 94-51
Type of Material: Audio Tapes
The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE file.

# R/C length Sides Contents Dates
T1 R 63 1 Interview of Geraldine Phillips by Robert Shuster May 20, 1994
T2 R 42 1 Conclusion of T1 May 20, 1994

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