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Interview with Paul Frederick Hurlburt Jr. - Collection 438

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Brief Description of This Collection

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Biography of Paul Frederick Hurlburt Jr.

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Audio file and written transcript for T1

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Brief Description.
Oral history interview in which Hurlburt describes the work of his grandfather (Charles E.) and father (Paul F. E.) as missionaries and mission administrators in east central Africa; languages skills among missionaries; the development of Christianity among the nade people of Zaire, including their worship practices and music; and the influence of witchcraft in the area.
Vol: 2 Reels of Audio Tape

Collection 438
[March 9, 2005]
Hurlburt, Paul Frederick Jr.; 1927-1996
Interview; 1990

Audio Tapes


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Complete transcripts of the interviews on Tapes T1 & T2 of this collection are available.


Full name: Paul Frederick Hurlburt Jr.

Birth date: September 6, 1927, in Anaheim, Texas

Death date: September 5, 1996, in Los Angeles, CA

Parents: Paul F. E. and Helen (Lundren) Hurlburt
Siblings: Agnes, Alta, Harry, Charles, Dorothy, Helen, Wynne, Byron, Hugh
Marital Status: Married to Faye Templeton
Children: Paul III and Diane

Conversion: As a very young child. Baptized at age of sixteen

Education: Educated at home while living with his parents in Belgian Congo
Attended Katwa Mission School in the Belgian Congo
1946-1947, 1949-1951 - attended Wheaton College, received an AB in Bible
1947-1949 - Attended Prairie Bible Institute
1954 - Received a bachelor of divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary
1957 - Received an MA in Theology from the Wheaton Graduate School

1956 Sailed to Africa as a missionary of the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society in the Belgian Congo. Worked in Rwanda and Zaire (the Belgian Congo) involved in church planting, evangelism, and training leaders.
1979 While at Butembo in Zaire worked on a primer for the Kinandi language

Other significant information: From the age of one until eighteen lived in Africa with his missionary parents, most of the time at Katwa station in the Belgian Congo.

Scope and Content

Paul Frederick Hurlburt was interviewed by Robert Shuster on November 8, 1990, in the offices of the Billy Graham Center Archives. The events described in the interview cover the time period roughly of 1898-1970.

Topics covered in T1 - work of Charles Hurlburt (interviewee's grandfather) in organizing Africa Inland Mission, his resignation and later work, father's work for the Unevangelized Africa Mission from 1928-1948 and then for the Conservative Baptist Foreign Mission Society afterward in the Belgian Congo (later Zaire) among the Banande (also called the Nande) people, recollections of other missionaries about Charles Hurlburt, blackwater fever among early missionaries, comments about his grandfather's resignation from AIM and Elwood Davis's involvement, Charles Hurlburt and Theodore Roosevelt, father's work at Katwa training African evangelists, memories of growing up as a kid of the mission field, his father's personality, description of his father's work in the Belgian Congo (Zaire) and Rwanda, father's language skill with the Kinandi language and others, his mother's personality, missionaries' difficulty with tribal languages as opposed to trade language, playmates and games as a child, James Bell's work among the pygmies, conflict among missionaries over supervision, family spiritual life, disagreement with H. A. Ironside's view on dispensationalism, effect of dispensational views on work in the mission field, Paul Hurlburt's spiritual crisis at twelve, return to United States at age of eighteen to attend Wheaton College and seminary, typical Sunday service at Katwa when Hurlburt was a boy, use of Western music, use of instruments in church music, mingling of cultures in music, example of his father's translation of Western hymns into Kinandi, the influence of Swahili on churches in eastern Zaire, spontaneity in Zairian church services, importance of morning daily prayers among the people, nature of sermons preached, African story telling, more on his father's work of training African evangelists from the surrounding area

Topics covered in T2 - Introduction of Christianity and Western culture, control, and commerce to Kivu region, where Hurlburt grew up; use of belief in Kivu area in the good creator god Nyamuhanga to introduce people to Christianity; conversion of Apollo Kyabwangana, a witch doctor to Christianity in the area and its impact; description of witch doctor tricks; resurgence of influence of witchcraft in recent times; how to present Christianity to believers in witchcraft, example of a pastor who believed in witchcraft; Hurlburt's conversion as a child


The materials in this collection were given to the Archives of the Billy Graham Center by Paul F. Hurlburt in November 1990.

Accession: 90-118
February 20, 1997
Robert Shuster

Accession: 90-118
Type of Material: Audio Tapes

The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE:

T1 - Reel, 3-3/4 ips, 1 side. Oral history interview of Paul Frederick Hurlburt by Robert Shuster. November 8, 1990. Approximately 65 minutes.

T2 - Reel, 3-3/4 ips, 1 side. Conclusion of oral history interview of Paul Frederick Hurlburt by Robert Shuster. November 8, 1990. Approximately 21 minutes.

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