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Oral History Transcripts of
Claremont College: China Missionaries -
Collection 145

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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Historical Background of the Oral History Program of Charemont Graduate School

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

List of Microfilm in This Collection (Location Records)

Brief Description.
Transcripts of interviews with 44 missionaries to Pre-Communist China, representing 15 denominations or sponsoring agencies. Includes biography on each participant and index to each transcript. For more information, Please see guide. See also photocopy, "China Missionaries Oral History History Project: An Overview" in microform room.

Collection 145 [July 5, 2006]
Claremont College: China Missionaries Oral History Project
Oral History Transcripts; 1969-1973

2 Reels of Microfilm


Copyright to this collection is held by Claremont Graduate School. Material may not be copied without permission in writing from the:

Oral History Program
Claremont Graduate School
Claremont, California 91711

Historical Background

In 1969, the Oral History Program of Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, California, received a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for a three-year project on the influence of the China missionary movement in the Far East. The task set forth was to record an era of history -- the missionary period of America's relationship with mainland China -- which closed with the rise of the Communist regime. The task was to be accomplished by conducting taped interviews with Christian workers selected to reflect the work of several denominations, the various career lines in missionary work, and the geographical spread of missions in China. The result of the project was taped interviews with forty-five ex-missionaries, representing fifteen denominations or sponsoring agencies.

Scope and Content

The microfilm contains 3,328 typed papers of interview transcripts. Each transcript could easily merit its own scope and content note, as each is not only a part of the Oral History Project, but an entire and complete entity in itself. Each transcript is introduced by a short biographical sketch of the interviewee and a person and subject index to the interview. Reel 1 contains an overview paper on the goals of the project, methodology, and findings. (A photocopy of this overview is available in the microfilm room as well.) The cross-references at the end of this guide include the interviewees, and a few persons and topics drawn from the individual transcript indexes.

The missionaries interviewed were:
Merrill Steele Ady, Netta Powell Allen, John Nevins Andrews, James Chamberlain Baker, Homer Vernon Bradshaw, Earl Cranston, Mildred Walsh Cranston, Rowland McLean Cross, Helen Dizney, Cyril Faulkner, Glenn V. Fuller, Oswald John Goulter, Edward Pierce Hayes, Egbert M. Hayes, Alfred Dixon Heininger, Clarence Holleman, Lydia Suyam Houston, Ethel Lacey Hylburt, Ernest Lery Ikenberry, Lydia Johnson, Francis Price Jones, Lucille Williams Jones, Claude Rupert Kellogg, Mary Latimer, John Joseph Loftus, James Henry McCallum, Mary Colmcille McCormick, J. Charles Oliver, Alice Clare Reed, Grace may Rowley, Agnes Kelley Scott, Roderick Scott, Martha Sily, Margaret Timberlake Simkin, Lewis Strong Casey Smythe, Margaret Garrett Smythe, Louise Claire Hathaway Stanley, Marjorie Rankin Steurt, F. Olin Stockwell, George Thomas Tootell, William Hill Topping, Katherine Boeye Ward, Martha Wiley, Eleutherius Winance, and Pearl Fosnot Winans


The microfilm was purchased by the Archives.
No Accession number
December 22, 1980
Galen Wilson
E. J. Pitra
All reels are 35mm, positive copy.

No Accession number
Type of material: Microfilm

The following items are located in the BILLY GRAHAM CENTER LIBRARY MICROFILM ROOM:

Reel 1 - Overview report, Transcripts of Interviews

Reel 2 - Transcripts of Interviews

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