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Papers of Eleazar Wheelock - Collection 126

[Note: The BGC Archives does not have the original documents of this collection. What it does have is a microfilm edition of the papers, which it purchased from a publisher, as did many other archives and libraries.]

[Note: What follows is a description of the documents in this collection which are available for use at BGC Archives in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. The actual documents are not, in most cases, available online, only this description of them. Nor are they available for sale or rent.]

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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Biography of Eleazar Wheelock

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

List of Microfilm in This Collection (Location Records)

Brief Description.
Dartmouth College collection of Wheelock papers published on microfilm. Materials include personal manuscripts, diaries, journals, minute books, ledgers, biographer's manuscripts and diplomas.

Collection 126 [February 19, 2001]
Wheelock, Eleazar; 1711-1779
Papers; 1728-1779
16 Reels of Microfilm


There do not appear to be any restrictions on this collection. Any questions on use should be addressed to the owner of the original papers:

Dartmouth College
Hanover, New Hampshire


Eleazar Wheelock was born to Ralph and Ruth Wheelock on April 22, 1711, in Windham, Connecticut. He graduated from Yale in 1733 and received his doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in 1767. In 1734 he was licensed to preach by the Congregational Church serving the Second Congregational Church at Lebanon Crank (Columbia), Connecticut for thirty-five years. He married twice, first to Mrs. Sarah Malty in April 1735, then to Mary Brimstead in November 1747. Eleven children were born from his marriages. His eldest son John followed his father as president of Dartmouth.

During the religious revival known as the Great Awakening, Wheelock traveled to distant congregations to preach and spread the gospel. Educational needs of the Indian population were of great concern to Wheelock. At first he worked with one pupil, Samson Occom, of the Mohegan nation, and then established Moor's Indian Charity School in 1754. Because of resistance from Sir William Johnson, British representative to the Iroquois, and the poor showing of many of the school's graduates, Wheelock moved his school to the New Hampshire frontier. Governor John Wentworth of New Hampshire issued Wheelock the charter to Dartmouth College in 1769. Funds from England helped to get the school started. Wheelock served as president of the college and of Moor's charity school the rest of his life.

He died in Hanover, New Hampshire on April 24, 1779. Wheelock's tombstone in the cemetery of Dartmouth College reads as follows:

By the gospel he subdues the ferocity of the savage;
And to the civilized he opened new paths of science.
Go, if you can, and deserve
The sublime reward of such merit.

Scope and Content

The microfilmed materials in this collection are from Dartmouth College Archives. They document the career of Eleazar Wheelock, and the histories of Dartmouth College, Moor's Indian Charity School, and the town of Hanover through the year of Wheelock's death in 1779.

The catalogued items in the general manuscripts collection of the Dartmouth Archives are arranged by their identifiying numbers. For detailed explanation of the numbering system and a complete listing of entries, please consult the book entitled A Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Papers of Eleazar Wheelock, located on the New Hampshire shelf in the Reading Room.

A collection of papers containing correspondence from Wheelock's biographer, Rev. David McClure, is also found on the microfilm copy. Items stored in the Dartmouth Archives' vault and small print case were also filmed as units.

The order of items on the microfilm is as follows: the general manuscript collection, dated and then undated papers; McClure manuscripts, dated and undated; "vault" materials (journals, letter books, minutes, ledgers); "small print cases" (three early diplomas).



The microfilm in this collection was purchased by the Center from Dartmouth College.

No Accession #
June 18, 1980
Mary Ann Buffington
S. Kouns

No Accession #
Type of Material: Microfilm
The following items are located in the CENTER LIBRARY MICROFILM ROOM:

All reels are 35mm, positive copy.

Reel 1 728571 - 755900.1
Reel 2 755900.2 - 763521.1
Reel 3 763521.2 - 765900.3
Reel 4 765900.4 - 767358
Reel 5 767359 - 768277
Reel 6 768278.1 - 769620
Reel 7 769624.1 - 771429
Reel 8 771429.1 - 772626
Reel 9 772640 - 774269.1
Reel 10 774276 - 775679
Reel 11 775679.1 - 779475.1
Reel 12 779252.2 - 779900.3
undated, 000023 - 000846
767204.5 - 779624
Reel 13 Wheelock Accounts; 1726-1750
Wheelock Letter Book; 1765-1766
Wheelock Minutes and Journal; 1754-1756, 1761-1762, 1771-1778
Wheelock Sermons
Box 1 - 1735-1769
Box 2 - 1735-1769
Box 3 - 1734-1778 and undated
Reel 14 Box 3 - 1734-1778 and undated
Samson Occum Diary and Letters
Samson Occum Sermons
Moor's Charity School
List of Indian Pupils
Accounts - Led ger; 1760-1779, 1767-1779, 1769 -1771
Accounts - Daybook; 1765-1767, 1767-1772
Reel 15 Accounts - Daybook; 1767-1772, 1771-1772, 1772-1773, 1773-1774, 1774-1775
Dartmouth College Trustees Records; 1770-1779
Dartmouth College Treasurer Accounts - Ledger; 1770-1776, 1774-1779
Hanover, New Hampshire
Proprietor's Records; 1761-1777
Reel 16 Town Meeting Records; 1761-1769
Vital Statistics; 1762-1779
Church of Christ at Dartmouth College Records 1771-1779
Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, Board of Correspondence, Connecticut Records 1764-1769
Joseph Johnson, Diary
John Smith, Hebrew and Chaldee Grammar Lectures on Natural Philosophy
"Small Print Case"
Wheelock's Diploma from the University of Edinburgh; 1767
Stephen Davis' Diploma from Dartmouth College; 1773
Elisha Porter's Diploma from Dartmouth College; 1774

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