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Ephemera of James Gordon Lindsay - Collection 121

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Brief Description.
Several audio tapes of the program CHRIST FOR THE NATIONS, which include four sermon series by Pentecostal and healing evangelist Lindsay, as well as tapes of sermons on the Life of Christ, the Gifts of the Spirit, Revelation, and other topics. For more information, please see guide.
Vol: 54 Audio Tapes

Collection 121
[February 2, 2001]
Lindsay, James Gordon; 1906-1973
Ephemera; n.d.

54 Cassette Audio Tapes


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.


James Gordon Lindsay was born in Zion City, Illinois, in 1906. His parents were disciples of Alexander Dowie, the father of healing revivalism in America. After the family moved to Portland, Oregon, the young boy was influenced by John H. Lake and converted by Charles G. Parham. At the age of eighteen he began his ministry as a traveling evangelist conducting meetings in Assembly of God churches and other Pentecostal groups.

When World War II broke out, Lindsay accepted a call to become pastor of a church in Ashland, Oregon. In 1947 he resigned the position to become William Branham's manager. Soon after Lindsay's publication, The Voice of Healing, appeared in 1948 Branham announced his retirement from the revival circuit. The news came as quite a blow to Lindsay who along with Jack and Anna Jeanne Moore had just begun the revival publication to cover Branham's meetings. Revivals and coverage of other evangelists began to appear in the magazine as it circulated nationwide.

The group sponsored the first convention of healing evangelists in Dallas, Texas during December 1949. Voice of Healing began to function as a loose fellowship of ministers. As the popularity of some members rose they left the fellowship to establish their own organizations and publish their own literature.

Lindsay's own work began to move in the direction of missions. He began sponsoring missions programs in several foreign countries and started a radio ministry. During 1956 he conducted a Winning the Nations Crusade sending teams of ministers all around the world. The Voice of Healing magazine changed names briefly to World-Wide Revival in 1968 before the final change to Christ for the Nations.

Lindsay was a very productive writer, publishing over 250 volumes of historical and doctrinal books on the healing revival movement. His ministry came to a halt with his sudden death April 1, 1973. Lindsay's wife Freda and daughter Carole continued the work he began. Christ for the Nations, Inc. had five main facets: a national church program; a national literature work; a Jewish mission in Israel; a Bible training school in Dallas; and a prayer and tape ministry.

Scope and Content

The collection contains fifty-four cassette tapes published by Christ for the Nations. Four sermon series delivered by Lindsay include fourteen sermons on the "Life of Christ" (T48-T54); sixteen sermons on the Gifts of the Spirit (T40-T47); eighteen sermons on the book of Revelation (T31-T39); and four sermons on Satan (T29-T30). Other tapes contain messages by Lindsay, his wife, and an address by Charles Kopp.

Tape T25 consists an interview with Mrs. Lindsay one year after the evangelist's death. She discusses Lindsay's entrance into the ministry, development of The Voice of Healing magazine, and building the Bible college in Dallas. Charles Kopp relates the characteristics of his work in Israel on tape T11.


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in July 1979.

Accession 79-74

May 14, 1980
Mary Ann Buffington
S. Kouns

Accession 79-74
Type of material: Audio Tapes

The following items are located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE. Request by the T# at the beginning of each entry below. All sermons are by Gordon Lindsay unless otherwise noted. All tapes are cassettes. T1 - Side 1: "The Rapture"
Side 2: "The Ark of Prayer"

T2 - Side 1: "Prayer--Psalm 91"
Side 2: "Why Persistent Prayer is Needed"

T3 - Side 1: "The Armor of God for Spiritual Warfare"
Side 2: "How to Keep Divine Healing"

T4 - Side 1: "Building the Hedge Against Satan"
Side 2: "How We Solved the Problem"

T5 - Side 1: "Believest Thou This?--Story of Lazarus Raised"

T6 - Side 1: "Divine Health"
Side 2: "Why Christians Are Sick"

T7 - Side 1: "The Prayer That Brings Divine Intervention"
Side 2: "How to Have Miracles in Answer to Your Prayers"

T8 - Side 1: "The Truth About Sorcery"
Side 2: "Last Message on Satan, Fallen Angels, and Sorcery"

T9 - Side 1: "Prayer and Fasting"
Side 2: "Prayer and Fasting," cont.

T10 - Side 1: "How to Receive Your Healing"
Side 2: "How to Receive Your Healing," cont.

T11 - Side 1: "Our Ministry in Israel," Charles Kopp
Side 2: "God's Call Today in the Land of Israel"

T12 - Side 1: "The Secret of a Happy Life"
Side 2: "The Rapture of the Church"

T13 - Side 1: "Man's Amazing Power of Choice"
Side 2: "Man's Amazing Power of Choice," cont.

T14 - Side 1: "First Fruit Rapture"
Side 2: "The Turning Point in a Man's Life"

T15 - Side 1: "The Winds of God"
Side 2: "The Ministry of Elijah for These Last Days"

T16 - Side 1: "How to Receive the Holy Spirit," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay
Side 2: "How to Receive the Holy Spirit," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay, cont.

T17 - Side 1: "How to Find the Perfect Will of God"
Side 2: "Paradise"

T18 - Side 1: "New Beginnings"
Side 2: "How to Build Your Faith in God"

T19 - Side 1: "Casting Out Demons"
Side 2: "Casting Out Demons," cont.

T20 - Side 1: "As in the Days of Noah"
Side 2: "As in the Days of Noah," cont.

T21 - Side 1: "Joel's Army for Our Day"
Side 2: "Joel's Army for Our Day," cont.

T22 - Side 1: "The Resurrection of the Dead"
Side 2: "The Resurrection of the Dead," cont.

T23 - Side 1: "Christ is the Answer"
Side 2: "God is Looking for a Man"

T24 - Side 1: "Soul Winning," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay
Side 2: "The Angel of the Lord," Carole Lindsay

T25 - Side 1: "35 Years with Gordon," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay
Side 2: "35 Years with Gordon," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay, cont.

T26 - Side 1: "Secrets of Dominion"
Side 2: "Secrets of Dominion," cont.

T27 - Side 1: "Prayer That Produces," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay
Side 2: "Prayer That Produces," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay, cont.

T28 - Side 1: "Israel Today and in Prophecy," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay
Side 2: "Israel Today and in Prophecy," Mrs. Gordon Lindsay, cont.

T29 - Side 1: "Why Lucifer Rebelled"
Side 2: "Satan, Fallen Angels, and Demons"

T30 - Side 1: "Casting Out Devils"
Side 2: "Demon Manifestations"

T31 - Side 1: "The Book of Revelation and the Seven Churches"
Side 2: "The Seven Churches"

T32 - Side 1: "The Judgment Scene in Heaven"
Side 2: "The Seven Seals"

T33 - Side 1: "The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord"
Side 2: "The Trumpet Judgments"

T34 - Side 1: "The Mighty Angel Who Stands on Land and Sea"
Side 2: "The Two Witnesses"

T35 - Side 1: "The Sun-Clothed Woman and the Man-child"
Side 2: "Will the Saints Go Through the Tribulation"

T36 - Side 1: "The Rise of the Antichrist"
Side 2: "The Great Tribulation"

T37 - Side 1: "The First Fruits and the 144,000"
Side 2: "The Seven Plagues"

T38 - Side 1: "The Two Babylons"
Side 2: "Armageddon"

T39 - Side 1: "The Millennium"
Side 2: "The Great White Throne and the New Heavens and the New Earth"

T40 - Side 1: "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit," (no. 1)
Side 2: "The Gifts of the Spirit"

T41 - Side 1: "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit," (no. 2)
Side 2: "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit"

T42 - Side 1: "The Word of Wisdom"
Side 2: "Discerning of Spirits"

T43 - Side 1: "The Gift of Faith," (no. 1)
Side 2: "The Gift of Faith," (no. 2)

T44 - Side 1: "Speaking in Tongues," (no. 1)
Side 2: "Speaking in Tongues," (no. 2)

T45 - Side 1: "The Gift of Prophecy," (no. 1)
Side 2: "The Gift of Prophecy," (no. 2)

T46 - Side 1: "The Working of Miracles," (no. 1)
Side 2: "The Working of Miracles," (no. 2)

T47 - Side 1: "The Word of Knowledge"
Side 2: "The Operation of the Gifts"

T48 - Side 1: "Is Jesus the Son of God"
Side 2: "John the Baptist the Forerunner"

T49 - Side 1: "The Birth and Childhood of Christ"
Side 2: "The 18 Silent Years"

T50 - Side 1: "Christ Coming Into Manhood"
Side 2: "The Early Ministry in the Life of Christ"

T51 - Side 1: "The Call of the Apostles"
Side 2: "The Sending of the Twelve"

T52 - Side 1: "The Gathering Storm"
Side 2: "The Last Great Miracle of Christ"

T53 - Side 1: "Christ Teaches the Apostles"
Side 2: "The Week Before the Cross"

T54 - Side 1: "The Crucifixion"
Side 2: "The Resurrection of Jesus Christ"

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