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Papers of Catholic Colonial Missions - Collection 69

[Note: The BGC Archives does not have the original documents of this collection. What it does have is a microfilm edition of the papers, which it purchased from a publisher, as did many other archives and libraries.]

[Note: What follows is a description of the documents in this collection which are available for use at BGC Archives in Wheaton, Illinois, USA. The actual documents are not, in most cases, available online, only this description of them. Nor are they available for sale or rent.]

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Table of Contents

Brief Description of This Collection

Title Page and Restrictions

Biography of William Poynter

An Essay on the Contents of the Collection (Scope and Content)

List of Microfilm in This Collection (Location Records)

Brief Description

Microfilm edition of correspondence to William Poynter, Bishop of London, from overseas missions, ecclesiastical bodies, and civil governments concerning missionary activities in North America, the West Indies India, and the Mediterranean.

Collection 69 [May 14, 2001]
Catholic Colonial Missions
Papers; 1803 (1821-1825) 1827
2 Reels of Microfilm


There are copyright restrictions on this material. See note at the head of the microfilm reel.


William Poynter, Bishop of London between 1812 and 1827, was born in Hampshire, England on May 20, 1762. He received his education at English College, Douai, France, where he was ordained to the priesthood in 1786. Imprisoned during the French Revolution, he returned to England in 1795 as the vice president of the new College of St. Edmund, and in 1801 became that school's president. Two years later, he was appointed coadjutor to Bishop John Douglass of the London District, and in 1812 succeeded to the office of Bishop upon Douglass's death. He remained in this office until his own death in London on November 26, 1827.

Scope and Content

This collection consists solely of correspondence to Bishop Poynter from overseas missions, and from ecclesiastical and British Civil Governments overseas. While the main bulk of the material falls between 1821 and 1825, the correspondence covers the entire time Poynter was associated with the London Bishopric. The documents have been arranged in four series, by geographical location: North America, India and the Mediterranean, the West Indies, and Australasia. The Center does not own the microfilm of the Australasia correspondence. The introductory frames of reel 2 contain a brief descriptive note of missions in Haiti, Guadalupe, Grenada, and Martinique.


The materials for this collection were purchased by the Center.

No Accession #
November 12, 1980
Galen Wilson
S. Kouns

No Accession #
Type of Material: Microfilm
The following items are located in the CENTER LIBRARY MICROFILM ROOM:

Reel 1 - positive copy, 35mm.
North America
Baltimore ca. 1820 14 letters
New York 1821-1825 5 letters
Philadelphia 1821-1825 33 letters
Quebec-Montreal 1813-1827 56 letters
India and the Mediterranean
Ionia Isles ca. 1821 5 letters
Gibraltar 1805-1822 2 letters
Cape of Good Hope 1806-1825 13 letters
Madras 1820-1825 15 letters
Surinam ca. 1821 5 letters
Mauritius 1817-1825 8 letters
Reel 2 - positive copy, 35mm.
West Indies
Guadalupe 1812 3 letters
Grenada 1814-1818 39 letters
Haiti 1820-1824 8 letters
Martinique 1803-1817 25 letters
St. Lucia 1803-1810 6 letters
Trinidad 1803-1827 64 letters
West Indies, general 1803-1818 24 letters

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