Billy Graham Center

Papers of William Ashley "Billy" and Helen Amelia (Thompson) Sunday - Collection 61

Institutions which have purchased the microfilm edition of the papers of

William Ashley and Helen Ameila (Thompson) Sunday

University of Arkansas (OCLC #95030280 and #4602695) Fayetteville AR
California State University San Marcos CA
Los Angeles Public Library Los Angeles CA
University of California Santa Barbara CA
University of Southern California Los Angeles CA
Yale University Divinity School Library New Haven CT
Northern Illinois University DeKalb IL
Indiana University Bloomington IN
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary New Orleans LA
Amherst College Amherst MA
Northeast Missouri State University Kirksville MO
Colgate Rochester Theological Seminary
Ambrose Swasey Library
Rochester NY
New York Public Library New York NY
Ohio State University Columbus OH
Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Pittsburgh PA
Bob Jones University Greenville SC
Southern Methodist University Dallas TX
University of Virginia Charlottesville VA
University of Washington Seattle WA

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