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Papers of Katharine Hastings Dodd Schoerner - Collection 51

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Transcript 1 Transcript includes a link to an audio file of the entire interview

Oral history interview for the Missionary Sources Collection taped with a Wheaton alumnus and missionary to China from 1931 to 1951 recorded in 1978. Also in the collection are five letters written during her stay in China describing her life there. A transcript of the interview is available. For more information, please see guide.

Collection 51
[September 19, 2000]
Schoerner, Katharine Hastings Dodd; 1908-2000
Papers; 1978
1 Folder (.1 cubic feet), Audio tape


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.



Katharine was the first of four children born to Albert B. and Mabel Minnie Dodd, missionaries working in Shantung Province, China. As a senior in high school, she came to the United States for her higher education. After two years at Park College in Parkville, Missouri, she transferred to Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois, from which she graduated in 1930 with a degree in zoology. She then attended two terms at Moody Bible Institute where she met her future husband, Otto Schoerner. In 1932, she returned to China as a missionary of the China Inland Mission. She served her term working with Chinese women and children as a Bible teacher in the province of Anhwei. In 1939, at the end of her term, she traveled to Shanghai to be married. She served with her husband through two more terms, finally leaving China in 1951. The Schoerners and their five children settled in Chicago upon their return to America. Upon their retirement, they moved to Windsor Park in Carol Stream, Illinois. Katharine died September 16, 2000.

Scope and Content:

Mrs. Schoerner was interviewed by Wheaton College student Gary Ziccardi on October 20, 1978 at her home in Evergreen Park. The time period covered by the interviews is 1908 to 1978. Also in this collection are a series of five letters written by Mrs. Schoerner during her years in China. There were written to family, friends, and supporters and describe her everyday activities, the background of the children she worked with, and the family's harrowing evacuation experience to Kansu Province in 1944. The two letters from 1944 are copies of ones written by Mrs. Schoerner to her mother, and the last letter, written from Lanchow in Kansu Province contains a handwritten note added on by Mrs. Schoerner's mother as she passed the letter on to another of her daughters.

Tape T1 (78 minutes) (click to link to audio recording and transcript).
Family background; U. S. education; decision to come to Wheaton; activities at Wheaton; reason for going to mission field; reason for going to China; choice of China Inland Mission; description of China Inland Mission; special training for going to mission field; modes of travel to/in China; work involved in during early years in China; attitude of Chinese government toward early mission work (early 1930's); contact with other mission boards; meeting and correspondence of/with future husband; travel by fiancee for wedding; classes of people interacted with in China; values of Chinese; communication of Gospel to chinese in their culture; Chinese church service format; changes in lifestyle following marriage; work with interracially married Russian women to Chinese merchants; evangelistic work with lepers/small children in a hospital; motivation to work with lepers; Chinese attitudes toward modern medicines; anti-foreignism attitude of Chinese; Chinese attitude toward democracy; Marxist philosophy affects Chinese; decay of Chinese political life - corruption in government; impressions of Communists; Communist attitude toward missionary work; effect of WWII on lifestyle; contact with Japanese; contact/treatment with/by allied troops; Confucianism ingrained in lifestyle; Christianity vs. Confucianism; Christianity vs. Buddhism; Daoism vs. Christianity; Islam vs. Christianity; Chinese superstitions; cmments on acupuncture; differences between Chinese/American culture; Chinese Believers reaction to Christian lifestyle; highlights of 20 years in China; raising children on mission field; circumstances surrounding return to U.S.; return to U.S.; greatest trials during 20 years in China; involvement in U.S. ministry since return from field; demonology in China.



Interview with Schoerner was taped on October 20, 1978 by Wheaton College student Gary Ziccardi and given to the Billy Graham Center Archives.

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December 19, 1978
Robert Shuster
M. Shimmels
G. Ziccardi

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March 30, 1993
M. L. Wohlschlegel
J. Archer

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Type of Material: Audio Tapes

The tapes listed below are located in the AUDIO TAPE FILE:

T1 - Reel-to-reel, 63 minutes. Interview with Katharine Hastings Dodd Schoerner by Gary Ziccardi. Discussion of missionary service in China with China Inland Mission, different religions versus Christianity, comparisons of Chinese and American way of life; October 20, 1978.


Box Folder Description
1 1 Correspondence; 1932-1944

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