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Papers of Mrs. Helen Margaret Jaderquist Tenney - Collection 44

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Brief Description of This Collection

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Biography of Mrs. Helen Margaret Jaderquist Tenney

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Brief Description.

Correspondence, scrapbook, drafts, articles, and research notes which reflect Tenney's active participation in a number of evangelical ministries, but particularly her work with the Woman's Union Missionary Society (WUMS), especially the labor she put into writing a history of that organization. The bulk of the collection consists of manuscripts of that history.

Collection 44 [July 20, 2001]
Tenney, Mrs. Helen Margaret Jaderquist; 1904-1978
Papers; 1882-1980, n.d.

6 Boxes (4 DC, 2 card files; 1.6 cubic feet), Photographs


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection


Helen Margaret was born to Rev. John E. and Mary Olsen Jaderquist July 22, 1904 in Buffalo, New York. Her father, a Christian and Missionary Alliance pastor, served as a pastor, teacher, denominational executive, director of publications for the CMA, and on the board as representative for several foreign mission boards. Helen had one sister, Mary Elizabeth (born 1906) who married W. Wallace Padden. She graduated from Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois in 1925 with a B.A. in history, from Northwestern University in 1928 with a M.A. in history and from Gordon College in Massachusetts in 1928 with a B.D. Helen taught at Northfield Seminary in Massachusetts from 1928 until her marriage in 1930 to Merrill C. Tenney.

After their marriage the Tenneys moved to Wenham, where he was a professor at Gordon College. In 1943, when he became a professor at Wheaton College, the family moved to Wheaton, Illinois.

Helen served on the board of Women's Union Missionary Society (WUMS) and was active in its work as was her sister who served as president of the society for over ten years. She authored a history of the WUMS which is included in this collection. She also wrote Mark's Sketchbook of Christ (1956), several magazine articles and Sunday school materials and served as an officer of the Woman's Fellowship of the National Association of Evangelicals. After a long illness, Mrs. Tenney died January 22, 1978.

Scope and Content

The contents of this collection to a small degree illustrate Mrs. Tenney's active participation as an officer in a number of evangelical ministries but mostly the files document her work in the W.U.M.S. and especially the labor she put into her history of that organization, No Higher Honor.

Well over two thirds of the collection consists of various drafts of different parts of the book. Folders 2-3 thru 2-15 contain successive versions of the preface, most chapters, and the appendix (which lists the names of missionaries sent out by W.U.M.S. and some details of their service). Folders 1-13, 1-14, 2-1, and 2-2 contain almost complete drafts of the book at various stages of its development. The manuscript in folder 1-13 is probably the book in its final form except for some missing pages. Other parts of the collection contain the raw material from which Mrs. Tenney constructed the book. Boxes 3 and 4 contain hundreds of her research notes. These notes are arranged in their original order and condition, except that where paper clips and rubber bands had been used to separate them into groups, blank card guides have been substituted. Folder 2-16 contains documents or copies of documents she consulted such as wills; papers by Sarah D. Doremus, one of the founders of the W.U.M.S., in which she gives details of the early days of the organization and describes a world tour she took of its mission in the years 1901-1902; a brief history written in 1911 of the Society's work in Japan; a very interesting account by missionary Pollock of life in a Japanese internment camp during World War II; an article about Elizabeth Pollock; an account of the beginning of the Multan Hospital in India; and a very early document outlining the goals of the W.U.M.S. and several endorsements the work had received. Other folders also hold apparent sources such as annual reports, newspaper clippings, and pamphlets put out by the Society describing its work.

There are six files that deal with non-W.U.M.S. matters. File 1-1 contains correspondence with friends of Mrs. Tenney, although here too some of the information in the letters was intended for her book or for an article on W.U.M.S., such as a 1969 letter by a woman missionary describing life in a Japanese internment camp. Folders 1-2 and 1-4 contain copies of reports handed out at a mission executives meeting in 1965 and 1968 describing various aspects of world wide mission activities. Mrs. Tenney's work in the Women's Fellowship of the National Association of Evangelicals is amply documented by numerous copies of minutes of committee meetings, balance sheets, and annual reports. The reports and minutes also describe many of the projects the Fellowship was involved in, such as prayer days, Bible classes, support for missionaries and humanitarian relief, and work for anti-pornography legislation (folders 1-6 to 1-11). Folder 1-5 contains an interesting 1945 booklet entitled Through Shining Archway published by the American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society and the Women's American Baptist Foreign Missionary Society. It describes the careers and martyrdoms of eleven missionaries stationed in the Philippines in 1942. Pictures of the martyrs are included in the booklet.

The collection also includes pamphlets, manuscripts, papers and a scrapbook. Included in Folder 5-1 is a 20th anniversary booklet, 1921-1941, for the Shanghai Union School of Nursing of Margaret Williamson Hospital, as well as a Founder's Day publication for the same hospital. There is one copy of The Sunday School Times, September 17, 1960. A centenary booklet commemorates Mary A. Merriman School, 1880-1980. Miscellaneous re-writes of chapter of No Higher Honor are contained Folder 5-2. A complete manuscript of the supplement to Mrs. Tenney's history, covering the subsequent years 1960-1980, is in Folder 5-3. Newspaper clippings of World Day of Prayer in Wheaton, Illinois, between 1932 and 1949 are in a scrapbook in Folder 6-1. Folder 6-2 contains miscellaneous papers, including a history of the Yokohama Church , 1932, and a movingly-written description of the accidental death of Marion Childress in India in 1963.


The materials for this collection were received by the Center in April and June of 1978, and April of 1979, 1980, and 1981 from Dr. Merrill Tenney. Additional materials were given to the Center in 1981 by W. Wallace Paddon.

Acc. #78-10, 78-12, 78-21, 78-24, 79-3, 79-37, 79-111
79-123, 80-59, 81-8a, 81-39
June 22, 1978
Robert Shuster
M. Schimmels

January 9, 1979, revised

April 18, 1979, revised

Revised, July 9, 1981
Francis L. Brocker
J. Nasgowitz

Retyped, revised
March 11, 1993
M. L. Wohlschlegel
J. Archer


I. A Seed Long Buried
II. A Bold Venture
III. Scaling Zenana Walls
IV. Gateway to India
V. Education -- A Means to an End
VI. Kahpur -- Merriman School and Orphanage
VII. Jhansi -- Ackerman-Hoyt Hospital
VIII. Fatehpur -- Place of Victory
IX. Fatehpur -- Lily Lytle Broadwell Hospital
X. China -- Creating a New Class of Women
XI. Margaret Williamson Hospital
XII. Japan
XIII. The Multan Story -- W. Pakistan

Accession #78-10, 78-21, 79-111, 79-123
Type of Material: Books

The following items have been given to the EVANGELISM & MISSIONS COLLECTION (formerly BGC Library) unless otherwise noted:

Keep, Rosalind. Fourscore and Ten Years. Mills College, California. 1946.

Proceedings of the General Conference of the Protestant Missionaries of Japan Held at Osaka, Japan April 1883.

A Strange Detour. The Story of Marion Elizabeth Childress, Missionary-Nurse: 1914-1963, by Murden Woods, 1964.

Twenty-First Annual Report for 1881 of the Woman's Union Missionary Society, January, 1882.

Woman's Union Missionary Society of America Cenntennial Year, 1960-1961.

W.U.M.S. Centennial Year (1960-1961) Booklet (700 copies).

W.U.M.S. 1961 Prayer Manual.


Accession #78-10, 78-21, 79-111
Type of Material: Periodicals

The following items have been given to the EVANGELISM & MISSIONS COLLECTION (formerly BGC Library) unless otherwise noted:

The Church Herald Vol. 14 # 7 February 15, 1977.

Missionary Link Publication of the W.U.M.S.
Vol. 66 # 1 January 1935
Vol. 66 # 2 February 1935
Vol. 68 # 6 June 1937
Vol. 73 # 2 February 1942
Vol. 88 # 10 December 1957 (2 copies)
Vol. 89 # 1 January 1958
Vol. 90 # 1 January 1959 (2 copies)
Vol. 90 # 2 February 1959
Vol. 90 # 3 March 1959
Vol. 90 # 4 April 1959
Vol. 90 # 5 May 1959
Vol. 90 # 6 June 1959
Vol. 90 # 7 September 1959
Vol. 90 # 8 October 1959
Vol. 90 # 9 November 1959 (2 Copies)
Vol. 90 # 10 December 1959
Vol. 91 # 1 January 1960
Vol. 91 # 2 February 1960
Vol. 91 # 4 April 1960
Vol. 91 # 5 May 1960
Vol. 91 # 7 September-October 1960
Vol. 91 # 8 November-December 1960
Vol. 92 # 4 April-May 1961
Vol. 92 # 5 June 1961
Vol. 92 # 6 September 1961 (3 copies)
Vol. 92 # 7 October 1961 (6 copies)
Vol. 92 # 8 November 1961 (4 copies)
Vol. 93 # 1 January-February 1962 (2 copies)
Vol. 93 # 2 March-April, 1962
Vol. 93 # 3 May-June, 1962
Vol. 93 # 4 July-August 1962 (9 copies)
Vol. 94 # 2 March-April 1963
Vol. 95 # 1 January-February 1964
Vol. 96 # 5 November-December, 1965
Vol. 97 # 2 March-April 1966
Vol. 97 # 3 May-June 1966
Vol. 97 # 4 July-August 1966

Missionary Link Publication of the W.U.M.S.
Vol. 98 # 2 March-April 1967
Vol. 99 # 6 November-December 1968
Vol. 101 #2 April-May-June 1970


Accession # 78-21, 78-24
Type of Material: Photographs

The following items have been given to the PHOTO FILE; request by Folder Titles at the beginning of each entry below.

MARSTON, SARAH HALL. 2 photographs of a memorial marker to Sarah Hall Marston, first woman missionary sent out by the W.U.M.S.

UNION BIBLICAL SEMINARY, INDIA. 9 Photographs of Union Biblical Seminary, Yoeltmal India. 1961, ca. 1966.

Box Folder Description
1 1 Correspondence; September 1946-January 1969
1 2 E.F.M.A.: 1965 Mission Executives Retreat Report; 1965
1 3 I.F.M.A.: Records of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting; 1963
1 4 I.F.M.A.-E.F.M.A.: 1968 Mission Executives Retreat Report; 1968
5 3 Manuscript, Continued History of the Women's Union Missionary Society of America, 1960-1980
1 5 Miscellaneous Publications; 1945-1965
5 1 Miscellaneous Publications, 1921-1980; n.d.
6 2 Papers; 1932-1966; n.d.
6 1 Scrapbook, World Day of Prayer, Wheaton, Illinois, 1935-1949
1 6 Women's Fellowship of the National Association of Evangelicals: Minutes and Reports; April 1951-1967
Women's Union Missionary Society
1 7 Annual Report: 1921
1 8 Annual Report: 1922
1 9 Annual Report: 1939
1 10 Annual Report: 1941
1 11 Annual Report: 1942
1 12 Articles by Mrs. Tenney; n.d.
Draft of No Higher Honor:
1 13 n.d.
1 14 n.d.
2 1 n.d.
2 2 n.d.
2 3 n.d.
2 4 Chapter I; n.d.
2 5 Chapter II; n.d.
2 6 Chapter III; n.d.
2 7 Chapter IV; n.d.
2 8 Chapter V, n.d.
2 9 Chapter VI, n.d.
2 10 Chapter VII, n.d.
2 11 Chapter VIII, n.d.
2 12 Chapter X, n.d.
2 13 Chapter XI, n.d.
2 14 Chapter XII; n.d.
2 15 Appendix; n.d.
5 2 Manuscript, No Higher Honor, Helen Jaderquist Tenney, n.d.
2 16 Miscellaneous Source Material; 1871-1960; n.d.
2 17 Newspaper Clippings; November 1935-1957 (?)
2 18 Programs; November 1941-May 1965
2 19 Publications; 1910-1949
3 1 Research Notes
4 1 Research Notes

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