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Records of Seminar on the Authority of the Bible - Collection 32

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Brief Description of This Collection

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Historical Background

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Brief Description.
Copies of the papers read at the meeting held at Wenham, MA. Also a list of participants, a schedule of events, and copies of the text of the communique and resolutions adopted by the meeting.
Vol.: 1 box

Collection 32
[August 7, 2000]
Seminar on the Authority of the Bible; 1966
Records; 1966

1 Box (DC)


There are no restrictions on the use of this collection.

Historical Background

In 1966, a convening committee made up of three well-known evangelical leaders--Dr. Harold Ockenga, Frank E. Gaebelein, and Russell Hitt--issued invitations to other evangelical scholars to come to a meeting being held in Wenham, Massachusetts, to debate what was coming to be seen as differing views on the inerrance, inspiration, and authority of scripture. Fifty-five persons were listed as attending the seminar which lasted from June 20-29. Participants were from several nations and denominations. No tapes or stenographic records were made of sessions and observers were not admitted. The conference discussion showed that in addition to holding many common viewpoints, participants had differing interpretation of inerrancy. The seminar at its last session passed several resolutions which suggested some worthwhile tasks for evangelical scholars and academic institutions and issued a communique defining areas of agreement and questions which, "were found to require further study and consultation."

Scope and Content

Most of this collection consists of papers read at the meeting and responses read. The list of titles can be read in the container list, where they are arranged according to the order given. Also in this collection is a schedule of the seminar and copies of the resolutions and communique adopted at Wenham. The resolutions and communiques were copied by the Graham Center staff from the magazine Christianity Today.


The schedule of speakers and the copies of papers were given to the Center in September of 1977 by Dr. Russell Hitt.

Accession #77-15

November 3, 1977
Robert Shuster

Retyped, May 15, 1989
J. Nasgowitz
D. Reifsnyder


1. Monday, June 20: Liberal stereotypes of the evangelical view of Scripture. DR. KENNETH KANTZER. Respondents: DR. J. G. S. S. THOMSON and DR. EARLE E. ELLIS.

2. Tuesday, June 21: Developments in the past fifty years in archaeological studies which relate to the doctrines of revelation, inspiration and inerrancy, including a treatment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Ugaritic discoveries, etc. DR. DONALD J. WISEMAN. Respondents: DR. WILLIAM SANFORD LASOR and DR. GLEASON L. ARCHER.

3. Wednesday, June 22: Relationship between Biblical authority and the results of scientific research. DR. GORDON H. CLARK. Respondents: DR. HAROLD KUHN and DR. ARTHUR HOLMES.

4. Thursday, June 23: The authority of the Old Testament in the light of Old Testament exegesis and the authority of the New Testament in the light of New Testament exegesis (with special reference to the question of inerrancy). DR. LEON MORRIS. Respondents: DR. BRUCE METZGER and DR. JOHN WALVOORD.

5. Friday, June 24: The relationship between hermeneutics and Biblical authority, June 24 with recognition of the tension between inductive (phenomena) and deductive principles. DR. JAMES I. PACKER. Respondents: DR. ROGER NICOLE and DR. FRANCIS I. ANDERSEN.

6. Saturday, June 25: The relevance of Warfield's approach to inspiration for contemporary evangelicalism with reference to the current statements of faith in evangelical institutions and their sufficiency to meet modern attacks on orthodoxy. DR. EDWARD J. YOUNG. Respondents: DR. JOHN H. GERSTNER and DR. DAVID ALLAN HUBBARD.

7. Monday, June 27: In the light of post-Reformation orthodoxy, Roman Catholic attempts to reconcile creedal affirmation on inerrancy with ongoing Biblical scholarship. DR. OSWALD HOFFMANN. Respondents: DR. JOHN WARWICK MONTGOMERY and DR. JOHN H. KROMMINGA.

8. Tuesday, June 28: An attempt at the theological definition of inerrancy, infallibility and authority. DR. HERMAN RIDDERBOS. Respondents: DR. J. OLIVER BUSWELL and DR. M. EUGENE OSTERHAVEN.

Box Folder Title
1 1 Speakers List; April 1966
1 2 "Whereabouts of all Participants of the Seminar"; n.d.
1 3 "A Study Sheet of Biblical Interpretations"; n.d.
1 4 "The Evangelical View of Scripture as Seen Through the Eyes of Critics"; n.d.
1 5 "Criticisms of the Evangelical View of Scripture: A Reply"; n.d.
1 6 "The Authority of Scripture--Critical Judgments in Biblical Perspective"
1 7 "Archaeology and the Scriptures"; n.d.
1 8 "Archaeology and the Scripture--A Reaction"; April, 1966
1 9 "Comments on D. J. Wiseman's Paper..."; n.d.
1 10 "Science and Religion--Response"
1 11 Untitled Critique of Gordon Clark's Views on Science and Religion; n.d.
1 12 "The Authority of the Old Testament..."; n.d.
1 13 "A Response to...'The Authority of the Old Testament'"...; n.d.
1 14 "Response to Paper by Dr. Leon Morris..."
1 15 "The Relationship between Hermeneutics and Biblical Authority ..."; n.d.
1 16 "Part of a Reaction to Dr. Parker's Paper"; n.d.
1 17 "Some Hermeneutical Paradoxes"; n.d.
1 18 "Some Remarks on Dr. Benjamin B. Warfield's Doctrine of Scripture"; n.d.
1 19 "Dr. E. J. Young's Critique of B. B. Warfield's Apostolic Trustworthiness Principle"; n.d.
1 20 "Some Comments in Response to E. J. Young's Remarks..."; n.d.
1 21 "The Authority of Scripture..."; n.d.
1 22 "Evangelical Unity in the Light of Contemporary...Ecumenicity"; n.d.
1 23 "Authority and Freedom in Catholic Exegesis"; n.d.
1 24 "An Attempt at the Definition of the Theological Definition of Inerrancy, Infallibility and Authority"; n.d.
1 25 "A Response to Dr. Ridderbos' Paper"; n.d.
1 26 "A Response to a Paper..."; n.d.
1 27 "728 or 715?"; n.d.
1 28 Texts of Communique and Resolutions; June, 1966

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