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Group A. Guidelines Minimum Standards for Preserving Evangelical Archival Records. This group would prepare a brief statement on what an organization should expect to allocate to an archives as far as space, equipment, personnel, and funds are concerned; the level at which record groups or collections or series should be processed; the degree of access that should be permitted to staff and outside users; the degree of reporting of collections which should be done; the qualities to look for in a potential (untrained) archivist, the qualities to look for in a professional archivist. These would be statements that could be used by institutions which were starting their own archives as well as benchmarks for existing archives. Accompanying each of these standards would be a rationale.
Mr. Keith Buck
Mr. Timothy L. Ericson GROUP LEADER
Mr. Dave Harmeyer
Mr. Matthew Parker
Mr. Steve Sheldon
Dr. August R. Suelflow, Director

Group B. Communication Networks and Cooperation Between Archives and Users. This group would consider how people who could use archival material currently find out about it and what steps can be taken to improve communication between users and archives and between archives and archives. "Users" here is not restricted to scholars but to anyone who could benefit from the archives.

Mr. H. J. Brinks
Ms. Lannae Graham
Dr. William Martin
Mr. James O'Toole GROUP LEADER
Mr. Walter Osborn
Dr. Russell Spittler
Mr. Peter Wosh

Group C. Documentation of the Evangelical Movement. This group would attempt to identify types of information relating to nondenominational evangelical agencies which are not being collected now (i.e., records of relief and development organizations) and would consider how archives could limit their collecting to particular areas to ensure that the collection is efficient and complete. They could also discuss the desirability of a standard vocabulary for describing evangelical archival collections.

Ms Sylvia Brown GROUP LEADER
Mrs. Sherry S. DuPree
Mr. Ken Gill
Mr. Paul Heidebrecht
Mr. Jack L. Ralston
Ms Helen W. Samuels

Group D. Developing Greater Archival Awareness and Understanding Within the Evangelical Community. This group would try to determine what could be done to create a general awareness among evangelicals about what archives are, how they can be used, the benefits that would be derived from using them, and the services archives could offer the entire community. The group would also consider model outreach projects individual archives could undertake.

Mr. Donald R. Brown GROUP LEADER
Dr. Wade Coggins
Mrs. Mary Dorsett
Mr. Paul Ericksen, Archivist
Dr. Jerry Hopkins
Mr. Wayne Warner
Mr. Thomas Wilsted

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