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Publications by ICCT Faculty: Books and CD-ROMs

Exploring Theological English: Reading, Vocabulary, and Grammar for ESL/EFL

by Cheri L. Pierson, Lonna J. Dickerson, and Florence R. Scott
Exploring Theological English

Exploring Theological English is a textbook designed to help high-intermediate and advanced ESL/EFL learners become more proficient at reading theological publications written in English. With a variety of practice exercises, it helps learners acquire important language skills that good readers use every day. Through a series of readings, it introduces key concepts and terminology used in theological writing.

To learn more about these books, see our Exploring Theological English website, where you will find the contents, preface and selected sections for each volume, a list of questions and answers for teachers and students, and additional resources. Student text: 396 pages, paperback; Teacher's Guide: 172 pages, paperback. You may purchase the books in the U.S. from EMIS, Amazon, and other booksellers, and in the U.K. from Piquant Editions, IVP, Amazon, and other booksellers.

Dictionary of Theological Terms in Simplified English and Student Workbook

Dictionary by Debbie Dodd
Student Workbook by Cheri Pierson

dictionaryPrimarily for learners of English as a second/ foreign language, the Dictionary provides a concise explanation of theological terms. The accompanying Student Workbook offers a range of exercises to sharpen dictionary skills. They may be used in a classroom setting or for independent study. Available from EMIS.






The following CD-ROMs are available from ICCT. For more information, contact us at icct@wheaton.edu

coachGetting Started in ESL/EFL: Resources for Christian Educators

Designed especially for those who are involved in teaching ESL/EFL as a Christian ministry and those who wish to begin this type of ministry in North America or overseas. Approximately 150 pages.

tesolResources for TESOL

More than 6,000 pages of practical articles, learning materials, website lists and other information for teachers of English to speakers of other languages. Also includes videos and audio files.

slaResources for Second Language Learners

More than 2,000 pages of learning materials, practical articles, proficiency guidelines, website lists and other information for those who are learning another language and culture.

getting startedResources for Language Coaches

More than 6,000 pages of practical articles, curriculum outlines, website lists and other information especially relevant for those who are involved in helping on-field personnel with language and culture learning.


Proceedings from the International Congress on Language Learning

ICLLEdited by Lonna Dickerson, this CD-ROM contains almost 600 pages of relevant insights and practical suggestions for language coaches who work with pre-field and on-field language and culture learners. Representing the views of a broad spectrum of specialists in the field, each of the papers has a single overarching goal—to equip coaches to help learners develop the proficiency they need in order to communicate more effectively in their new languages and cultures. Available from MTI.


Women Crossing Borders: Reflections on Cross-Cultural Ministry

Crossing BordersEdited by Cheri Pierson, this small volume tells the inspiring stories of more than thirty women who have reached across cultural boundaries to minister to others. In her foreward to this book, Miriam Adeney says, "These are the stories of women who cross borders because they love God with all their minds so that they can love their neighbors as themselves. These are the stories of women who vibrate for Christ and his kingdom." Available from EMIS.



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