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General Studies Courses (G ST)

G ST 201. Topics in General Education. (2 or 4)

G ST 229. Topics in General Studies. (These courses are not applicable to General Education requirements.) (2 or 4)

G ST 231. General Practicum. Students who wish to receive academic credit for an internship or practicum experience not offered through the major or minor department may receive such credit through G ST 231. This course requires prior approval of the Practicum Instructor in the Center for Global and Experiential Learning and participation in a seminar alongside the practicum experience.  Students must complete 40 hours of work experience for each credit earned and must attend the seminar course which meets 7 times during the semester. The course focuses on Christian understandings of vocation and calling, fosters self-reflection on the work experience, and facilitates assessment of work-related skills. The credit earned will count as elective credit towards graduation; it will not count towad a major, minor, or certificate unless it is approved in advance by the appropriate academic department. No more than 12 practicum or internship credits in total may be counted towards graduation requirements. Students must have completed at least two semesters on-campus or at another college or university to enroll. (2-4)

G ST 329. Advanced Topics in General Studies. (2 or 4)

G ST 495. Independent Study. Independent study or tutorial in a course not normally available in the regular curriculum. Approval by General Studies Coordinator. (1-4)

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