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Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree provides comprehensive music and professional training aimed toward teaching K-12 music in public or private schools. Music education study encourages the formation of school music teachers who will be agents of change, employing effective instructional strategies while imparting a broad scope of musical practice and cultural distinctiveness. This degree program meets the requirements for an Initial Special (K-12) license in the State of Illinois. Minor program changes may occur due to state requirements. Reciprocal licensure is possible in many states.

General Education

 36 hours


Biblical and Theological Studies

 8 hours (BITH 111, 212, 214, 316)


Oral Communication

 2 hours (COMM 101 or 252)


Written Communication

 4 hours (ENGW 103) (See Liberal Arts General Education Requirements for writing competency.)



 2 hours (See Quantitative Skills Competency)


Biological and Physical Sciences

 6 hours (One laboratory course and 2 hrs. approved Gen Ed Science course)



 4 hours (HIST 101, HIST 105, 111 or 115)


English Literature

 2 hours (Any except, ENGL 225, 226, 326, 327 485 or 486)



 2 hours (ART 101 or PHIL 216)


Social Science

 4 hours (Choose from Gen. Ed. Social Science  courses)


Applied Health Science

 2 hours (AHS 101)



 2 courses (See Liberal Arts Gen. Educ. for courses)


Music Theory & Composition (MUTC)

 13 hours


Music Theory 1-3

 8 hours (MUTC 151, 171, 241)


Aural Skills 1-5

 5 hours (MUTC 152, 172, 252, 272, 352)


Context Studies (MUCS)


 14 hours


Baroque and Classical Music

 4 hours (MUCS 262)


Nineteenth-Century Music

 2 hours (MUCS 263)


World Music

 2 hours (MUCS 264)


Twentieth-Century Music

 4 hours (MUCS 361)


MUCS Elective

 2 hours (MUCS 261, 355, 356, 494)


Methods Studies (MUMS)

 24  hours


Introduction to Music Studies

 2 hours (MUMS 115)


Basic Conducting & Lab

 3 hours (MUMS 248/346)


Choral Conducting & Lab

 3 hours (MUMS 311/346)


Instrumental Conducting & Lab

 3 hours (MUMS 312/346)


Instrumental Techniques

 6 hours (MUMS 341:1-6)


Vocal Techniques- For instrumental and keyboard primary instruments only; vocal primary instruments students take one hour in another techniques course (MUMS 341:1-6)

 1 hour (MUMS 342)


Elementary School Music/Practicum

 3 hours (MUMS 473, 473L)


Choose one (3 hours):



Choral Methods/Practicum

 3 hours (MUMS 471, 471L)


Instrumental Methods/Practicum

 3 hours (MUMS 472, 472L)


Professional Education (EDUC)

 26 hours


School and Society

 2 hours (EDUC 135)


Teaching Ethnically and Linguistically Diverse Students

 2 hours (EDUC 136)


Psych & Dev Contexts/Practicum

 5 hours (EDUC 225, EDUC 225L)





Philosophical Foundations of Education

 3 hours (EDUC 497)


Learning Differences/Practicum

 3 hours (EDUC 305, 305L)


Senior Education Seminar

 2 hours (EDUC 494)


Student Teaching

 9 hours (EDUC 496)


Individual Performance (MUIP)

 14  hours


Primary Instrument


 14 hours (MUIP 201-422) (2 hours may be met

 by piano or voice lessons to meet proficiency)


Ensemble Performance (MUEP)

 3  hours (MUEP 213-218)


Large Ensemble

Every semester, except student teaching semester, up to eight semesters



Recital and Concert Attendance (MUEP)

 0 hours (MUEP 219)


Every semester, except student teaching semester, up to eight semesters




0 hours (MUMS 494)


Additional Requirements


Half Senior Recital (MUIP 492)


Proficiency in piano and voice (credit may be earned in MUIP)


Admission to WheTEP (Wheaton Teacher Education Program)


Illinois Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP)


Illinois Content Area Exam


Illinois Assessment of Professional Teaching Exam


Total hours required for degree

 130  hours


Revision Date:  July 1, 2014



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