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Residence Life
New Student Orientation/Graduate Resident Assistant (GRA)
  Under the direction of the Apartment and House Residence Director and the Dean for Student Engagement, the Residence Life and New Student Orientation Graduate Resident Assistant is a part-time graduate student who lives in an on-campus apartment. Within the Residence Life and Housing Department, this person will have responsibility for the supervision of students within his/her designated apartments as well as the management of facility care. Within the Student Engagement Division, this person will have responsibility for mentoring, leadership development, and program advising for various components within the New Student Orientation Committee. This position is especially fitting for a student studying Christian Formation and Ministry with a Student Development concentration. Other appropriate degree programs are Biblical Theology, Biblical Exegesis, Intercultural Studies, and Teaching English as a Second Language.
  1.  Duties pertaining to Residence Life and Housing:
  a.  Participate in the first year GRA Student Development class (Organization and Administration of Student Affairs) July 21-26, 2014.
  b.  Support and foster community within an upper-class student context that manifests itself through caring relationships, service to others as well as mutual encouragement and accountability
  c.  Prepare for the opening of the school year by physically checking that each apartment/house is prepared.
  d.  Advise students who have concerns, making referrals to other campus resources as appropriate
  e.  Conduct check-ins and check-outs for residents.
  f.  Schedule concentrated relationship-building time one night per week, which should include periodic events to get students together.
  g.  Meet weekly both with the RD and with the RD/GRA team for training, advising, and support
  h.  Assist Associate Dean of Residence Life in communicating and enforcing College and Residence Life guidelines and policies.
  i.  Assist Associate Dean of Student Care & Services with managing student care issues as needed
  j.  Communicate and facilitate all work requests within two days of request.
  k.  Facilitate lock out assistance and storage needs in the apartments/houses.
  l.  Be available for emergency responses for entire apartment and house community, one night per week and 2-3 weekends per semester.
  m.  Conduct safety inspections and fire drills once a semester, as well as regular walkthroughs in apartment stairwells and houses, to help maintain fire safety.
  n.  Visit each apartment/house at least once per semester to demonstrate friendly and visible care for students.
  o.  Perform other duties as assigned by the Residence Director.
  2.  Duties pertaining to New Student Orientation:
  a.  Provide ongoing support and advising for members of the New Student Orientation Committee and to partner with them in their personal growth by mentoring them for effective campus leadership.
  b.  Provide intentional support and programming for transfer students. To oversee the transfer orientation programming. Additionally, to foster the integration of transfer students into the campus community, to develop relationships with transfer students and to assist them in their adjustment to the college.
  c.  Oversee the selection and training of the Big Sib program for new students.
  d.  Attend and engage student leadership training at HoneyRock camp in August and a mid-semester retreat late January.
  e.  Assist the Dean of Student Engagement in communicating and enforcing College and Student Development guidelines and policies.
  f.  Meet weekly with the New Student Orientation Committee.
  g.  Meet twice a month with the Dean of Student Engagement.
  h.  Accept other responsibilities as assigned by the Dean of Student Engagement.
  1.  Part-time graduate student of Wheaton College
  2.  Residence Life or Student Development experience preferred
  3.  Highly organized and self-motivated
  4.  Leadership development and mentoring experience with college students
  5.  A desire to encourage students to develop into whole and effective servants of Christ

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