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Counseling Center
  The Director of Counseling provides for the planning, organizing,marketing, and implementing of all services, activities and events related to the area of personal counseling and care for students at Wheaton College and other external programs. The director reports to the Associate Dean of Student Care and Services and is expected to follow all professional ethical codes outlined by the American Psychological Association. The position requires that the director carry a cell phone and provide the number to the College.
  1.  Counseling
  a.  Provide individual and group counseling for students.
  b.  Administer and interpret various psychological tests and other assessment tools as needed.
  2.  Management
  a.  Oversee the operation of the Counseling Center in light of the Collegeís mission, purpose, and goals.
  b.  Hire, train, supervise, and conduct annual performance appraisals with the Counseling Center staff.
  c.  Direct the preparation and management of the Counseling Centerís budget consistent with College/Departmental mission, goals and policies. Submit financial reports as needed to Associate Dean of Student Care and Services.
  d.  Conduct qualitative and quantitative evaluations of programs and activities in light of the Counseling Centerís learning objectives.
  e.  Provide annual and periodic statistical reports regarding the number of students served and activities conducted by the Counseling Center.
  f.  Establish, review, and appropriately revise administrative, clinical, and operational policies, procedures, and protocols for the Counseling Center.
  g.  Maintain a secure, accessible system of confidential counseling records in accordance with applicable standards of practice and state and Federal laws.
  3.  Supervision
  a.  Train and evaluate the staff counselors with regard to their clinical skills and practices.
  b.  Supervise the Director of Clinical Training and practicum training program at the Counseling Center.
  4.  Referrals for Outside Services
  a.  Build relationships with outside providers in order to be able to refer students needing evaluation for possible medication in such areas as depression, anxiety, thought and mood disorders, and suicide risk.
  b.  Provide for the hospitalization of students who experience a high level of suicide potential or inability to function in the college environment. This may involve emergency assessment and consultation with College personnel and community services personnel in arranging for studentsí care.
  c.  Consult with external psychiatrists, psychologists, and with parents, as necessary, to provide appropriate ongoing counseling services for students.
  d.  Consult internally with the Director of Academic and Disability Services, the Director of Student Health Services, the Director of Graduate Student Care, the Associate Dean of Student Care and Services, and with faculty as necessary to provide appropriate ongoing counseling services for students.
  e.  Follow-up with students referred to professional resources outside the Counseling Center to help insure continuity of treatment and successful transition back to college life.
  5.  Programming
  a.  Provide for the coordination and implementation of individual counseling, group counseling functions, and mini-seminars and workshops.
  b.  Collaborate with Student Government and other College departments who are interested in promoting mental health education and awareness.
  c.  Train and consult faculty and staff in basic counseling and advising skills.
  6.  Marketing
  a.  Provide for marketing of services, programs, and events.
  b.  Speak to classes, clubs, organizations, and at residence hall functions upon request.
  c.  Conduct orientation for students, parents, and residence hall staff as it pertains to services of the Counseling Center.
  d.  Provide liaison services between parents, public and private professional agencies, and students with regard to counseling issues or concerns.
  7.  Other
  a.  Participate in weekly meetings with other Student Development Divisional leaders.
  b.  Participate as a resource in the Student Care Networks for undergraduate and graduate students.
  c.  Explore occasional adjunct teaching opportunities with Psychology Department.
  d.  Perform other duties as assigned.
  1.  Ph.D. or Psy.D.
  2.  Illinois Licensed Clinical Psychologist
  3.  Five years of professional counseling and administrative experience
  4.  Administrative skills to oversee counseling, and practicum programs
  5.  A life that honors the Lord Jesus Christ and is consonant with the Statement of Faith and Community Covenant of Wheaton College.
  6.  Excellent interpersonal communication and relational skills
  7.  Demonstrated success in leading a team and managing a complex, fast-paced environment
  8.  A desire to lead in a collegial environment while being humble and open to new ideas and paradigms to enhance and broaden Wheatonís commitment to personal development
  9.  Interest in promoting the role of the Counseling Center with wider campus community
  10.  Demonstrated skill and interest in an integrated response to the clinical, spiritual and developmental issues of college students
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