Symphony Orchestra
Edman Memorial Chapel
Friday, February 11, 2011

Orange and Blue

Howard Whitaker and Friends
Musical Improvisation

Monday, February 7, 2011
Edman 102 @ 7:30pm

Artist Series

Philharmonic of Poland

Saturday, February 26, 2011 @ 8pm






New Almuni Work Premieres

Alumni Trio

Claudia Lasareff-Mironoff,viola, Julia Bentley, voice and Kuang Hao Huang, piano premiered Wheaton Alumni Jacob Bancks' work "Eight Bad Omens" at the "Outside the Box New Music Festival" at Southern Illinois University last spring. (Our biggest fan, Julia's son Janek, is pictured here with the artists.) Visit for more about the piece.

Musician request

Lesson request


The Conserv's gifted Faculty are respected professionals at the top of their respective fields. They teach and perform with distinction in regional, national, and intenational arenas. Their greatest desire is to serve Christ in you by encouraging you, seeing you, and stretching you to be the best you can be – as a student and as a musician.

Michael Wilder   Dean
e.    ph. 630.752.5598
Tony Payne   Director, Special Programs, Artist Series
e.    ph. 630.752.5599

Don Baddorf   Guest Lecturer in Digital Music; Apple Specialist
e.    ph. 630.752.5630
Kara Bancks   Guest Lecturer in Clarinet
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Beth Bauer   Guest Lecturer in Pedagogy, internships
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Michael Bazan   Guest Lecturer in Saxophone
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Jennie Brown   Guest Lecturer in Flute, Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Johann Buis   Associate Professor of Music History
e.    ph. 630.752.5824
Cornelius Chiu   Guest Lecturer in Violin
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Melanie Cottle   Guest Lecturer in French Horn
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
James Davis   Guest Lecturer in Jazz Trumpet
e.    ph. 847.648.2279
Virginia Dixon   Guest Lecturer in String Bass
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Karin Edwards   Professor of Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5821
Michael Folker   Guest Lecturer in Percussion
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Denise Gamez   Guest Lecturer in Voice
e.    ph. 630.752.5822
Matthew Gemmill   Guest Lecturer in Collaborative Coaching
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
David Gordon   Assistant Professor in Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5297
Kerry Haps   Music Technology
e.    ph. 630.752.5337
Kevin Harrison   Guest Lecturer in Tuba
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Carolyn Hart   Associate Professor of Voice
e.    ph. 630.752.5823
Tyson Hoffmann   Guest Lecturer in Social Dance
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Deborah Hollinger   Guest Lecturer in Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5822
Sarah Holman   Associate Professor of Voice, Opera
e.    ph. 630.752.5844
Mary Hopper   Professor of Conducting, WC, MGC
e.    ph. 630.752.5828
Daniel Paul Horn   Professor of Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5826
Lee Joiner   Associate Professor of Violin
e.    ph. 630.752.5838
Kathleen Kastner   Professor of Percussion
e.    ph. 630.752.5830
Misook Kim   Guest Lecturer in Music Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5829
Claudia Lasareff-Mironoff   Guest Lecturer in Viola, Chamber Coordinator
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Cheryl Lim   Guest Lecturer in Piano class
e.-- ph. 630.752.5098
Sung Hoon Mo   Guest Lecturer in Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Joshua Moshier   Director, Jazz Ensemble
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Jake Muzzy   Guest Lecturer in Cello
e.-- ph. 630.752.5098
Shawn Okpebholo   Assistant Professor in Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5832
William Phemister   Emeritus Professor of Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Steve Pierson   Guest Lecturer in History
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Sharon Polifrone   Guest Lecturer in Violin
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Brian Porick   Guest Lecturer in Technology
e.    ph. 630.752.5345
Steve Ramsdell   Guest Lecturer in Guitar
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Joseph Rodriguez   Guest Lecturer in Trombone
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Jonathan Saylor   Professor of Bassoon, History, Lit
e.    ph. 630.752.5362
Terry Schwartz   Associate Professor of Trumpet
e.    ph. 630.752.5836
Faye Seeman   Guest Lecturer in Harp
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Steven Sjobring   Guest Lecturer in String Techniques
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Linc Smelser   Guest Lecturer in Cello
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Daniel Sommerville   Professor of Conducting, SO
e.    ph. 630.752.5351
Amy Steingard   Guest Lecturer in Modern Dance
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Robin Sterling   Guest Lecturer in Voice
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Deb Stevenson   Guest Lecturer in Oboe
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Gerard Sundberg   Professor of Voice
e.    ph. 630.752.5827
John Tate   Guest Lecturer in Jazz Bass
e.    ph. 312.218.1304
Julieanne Tehan   Guest Lecturer in String Techniques
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Brian Torosian   Guest Lecturer in Classical Guitar
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Paul Vanderwerf   Guest Lecturer in Violin
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Maria Walford   Guest Lecturer in Method Studies
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Glen West   Guest Lecturer in Music Technology
e.     ph. 630.752.5098
Greg Wheatley   Guest Lecturer in Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Howard Whitaker   Professor of Composition, Theory
e.    ph. 630.752.5840
Paul Wiens   Professor of Conducting, CC
e.    ph. 630.752.5841
Brad Williams   Guest Lecturer in Jazz Piano, Jazz Voice
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
Timothy Yontz   Associate Professor of Music Ed, Symphonic Band
e.    ph. 630.752.5150
Paul Zafer   Guest Lecturer in Violin
e.    ph. 630.752.5098
R. Edward Zimmerman   Professor of Organ
e.    ph. 630.752.5816
John Zimmerman   Associate Professor of Piano
e.    ph. 630.752.5842