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Do you have questions about . . .

Please make your question as specific as possible. Your question will be given to an ACG member who will write a reply that will be returned to your e-mail address. ACG members are professional geologists who have expertise in the various subdisciplines of geology. As Christians, they have been asked many questions about geology and the Bible. Please don't expect the response to be the final word on the topic--we can only offer our insight based upon personal study of creation as understood through the geological sciences and the revelation of God's word.

Please understand that sometimes responses may take several days (so, don't send your question the night before your term project is due!).

We reserve the right to include selected questions in a FAQ feature on the ACG website. Your name and e-mail address will not be included in such a post to the FAQ. The responses represent the opinions of the responders, and not the official position of the ACG or the website's host institution.

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